Workout Music Recommendations?

So I’ve been going through my workout playlist and realizing that it’s impossible for me to fulfill my ideal Chinese songs quota. I usually add some songs  because I feel like are good enough, but then slowly delete  them because they simply don’t work  for  me when I’m exercising.

I figured others might also have the same difficulty, so I’m asking your recommendations! Fill up my playlist!


Complimentary shirtless workout gif by 旗木Choi

Current Chinese songs on my playlist in order of how long they’ve stayed. Sad fact: CJ + Steelo of M.I.C.  are the only Chinese composers of all of those songs.

Get it hot by M.I.C.
Realize Your Beauty 你的美 by Jiang Yingrong
Want You To Know by G.E.M.
Single ladies by M.I.C.
Hangover Part 2 by M.I.C.
Love Faith Live by Vanness Wu
Super Daddy by M.I.C.
Jump Girl by Amber An
Yalida by Top Combine, Dr.Wobble mix ver.
Ladybro by M.I.C.

Although to be fair, all of the songs with lyrics by Yaoyao probably would’ve been deleted if they were by anyone else because the lyrics …

11 thoughts on “Workout Music Recommendations?

  1. Here’s how to tell if you’re old: does your workout playlist include General’s Orders and/or the theme song from Shanghai Bund? Mine has both and I won’t apologize.

    I’m trying to listen to more modern stuff, so thanks to everyone for sharing!

  2. The songs from Feng Huang Chuan Qi are often good for workouts — Yi Lu Jing Xi, Zue Xuan Min Zhu Feng, and Zi You Fei Xiang are my favorites.

    I also like Tou Ming from Gigi Leung, Du Yi Wu Er from Sammi Cheng, Yi Ge Xia Yu de Xing Qi Tian by Vicki Zhao Wei, and the theme song from Shen Hua (Hu Ge drama version, not the ending theme song, but the beginning one, with the rap-like break).

    • In Chinese:

      神话电视剧-opening theme song

      Oh, I also recently heard this super catchy song about how the guy is like a panda? I think the chorus has “萌萌的样子” in it — and the title has “panda” (in English) in it. It seemed like it might be a good beat for running, but I never got to download it so can’t promise!

  3. Aw, this makes me miss our forum. :|

    I don’t work out to music, but I do have an “upbeat Chinese music” playlist (as opposed to my “melancholy Chinese music” playlist” lolol.) Some faves from there:

    The Rescue 救命 by Anthony Neely
    See You at the Next Crossing 下個,路口,見 by Li Yuchun
    Happy Departure 快樂出發 by eeMedia artists
    I Won’t Be A Hero 我不做英雄 by Hu Ge
    My Athena 我的雅典娜 by Jacky Xue
    Cowboy on the Run 牛仔很忙 by Jay Chou
    Loyalty 義氣 by Jing Chang
    Green Apple Paradise 青蘋果樂園 by Little Tigers
    Chasing Dreams 追夢 by Nicky Wu
    Lucky Boys by Top Combine
    Disparate 千方百計 by Wei Chen

    From drama OSTs (I decided to differentiate because the original list was getting sooo long haha):
    Don’t Don’t 不要不要 by Genie Chuo (Office Girls)
    Expert 高手 by Hu Ge (Unbeatable 2)
    Just Wanna Hug You 只想抱著你 by Nylon Chen (Gung Hay Fat Choy)
    Rainbow’s End 彩虹的盡頭 by Roger Yang Pei’an (They Are Flying)
    Lonesome Hero 英雄寞 by Ronald Cheng (LOCH ’08)
    Is This All by Vanness Wu (Material Queen)

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