The Legend of Zu releases a trailer

Why hello… errr…. costar/boss-producer/individual-I-have-an-unhealthy-grudge-with…

The Legend of Zu, produced and starring Nicky Wu, has released a trailer.  Starring William Chan and Zhao Liyin in her second yet-to-be-released melodrama (certifiable simply by watching the trailer)… with her playing an immortal in an un-health relationship.  We can probably just conclude by saying things are complicated.

More stills below the cut.

…. ummm…. Nicky, the half-bald head had to be pulled off due to the era but now this?!?

Don’t give me that look.  It’s high time you learned that not every look can be pulled off in a way that makes you look fab.

This shot was only done to make sure the money spent on blue contacts didn’t go to waste.

With this drama and Hua Qian’gu, Zhao Liyin can be expected to follow up soon with her own brand of eye-liner: perfect for bringing out your inner emo when you feel distressed.

Following in line with the recent trend of chains and dungeons, a good thing?

Cue music.

You and your pitiful, immortal plastic weapons do not scare me.  ROT IN #3LL!!

Evil, clawed-flower thrones.  If this is what it means to be an immortal, I’m out.

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  1. Darn I expect Nicky will come back with an epic/fab character, but this is it? Man I’m feeling disappointed :(

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