Free, legal music downloads

You can now download many of your favorite Chinese songs for free and legally on Migu, with no account set-up required. Artists available include Jane Zhang, Wang Leehom, G.E.M., TF Boys, M.I.C. boyband, etc.   For a small fee, you can also download HQ qualities of the songs.    What are you waiting for?

Click me to go to Migu

P.S. Does someone know how to use Alipay with only American accounts?

I feel bad that M.I.C.’s Solo isn’t a real album even though it’s better than most albums out last year, and feel like I should spend at least some nominal money to show my support for a real album release …


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    Good things are meant to be shared! Recently, my android music download app removed chinese titles from their database and I was still worrying about it. Well, my problem is now solved!
    I tried this out, the web might be a little laggy at the start but all is fine and songs are easily downloadable. The only downside is that the website is completely in Chinese but I guess you can still try to click around and see what happens even if you don’t understand Chinese.

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