Music Monday: April 20, 2015

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Starting off the week with some old and fresh favorites!

1.A-Lin: 拿走了什么 (What Did You Take Away)

This is a track off her new album《罪惡感》, aka ‘Guilt.” It’s a sad ballad about breaking up and losing your loved one, and A-Lin’s emotional and thick voice delivers it wonderfully.Best listened to on a rainy day. :D

2.Leehom Wang: Heaven And Earth Overturned

This song comes from Leehom’s newest album ‘Your Love,’ and is also a ballad about breaking up. Surprisingly, the song itself isn’t that sad. It’s the MV that’s heartbreaking. Music Master Leehom adds a few jazzy touches in the melody as well.

3.G.E.M: Long Distance

Finally, after what seems like hundreds of years, G.E.M releases a new studio song. A nice melody, but lacks a little color. Nevertheless, it’s a great song to jam to. Or cry.

4.Tanya Chua: 停格

A dark and semi-creepy semi-sorrowful song sung by Tanya for the movie ‘賭城風雲II’. This song is the perfect epitome of a good blend- the perfect voice, the perfect instruments, and the perfect melody. Tanya’s slightly raspy voice gives this song the feel and depth it needs, and all the instruments needed to give you shivers were a single violin, an orchestra, and a guitar.

4.杨坤-我没你想的那么坚强 (I’m Not As Strong As You Think)

One of my favorite songs from 杨坤. This song was written for the movie ‘Special ID,’ and goes with the theme of it perfectly. 杨坤’s husky voice sing about what so many people want to say- “I’m not as strong as you think. Sometimes I tell lies to myself. I look into the mirror and see myself bleeding from wounds.”

5.A-Lin: 我值得 (I’m Worth It)

I love that A-Lin incorporated some different styles of music other than her normal ballads in her new album. This song is the title track and is a fun song to jam to.

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  1. I like this “Music Monday” idea! Should try to incorporate more mainland and Taiwanese artists though

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