Ban Shu Legend releases more character stills

Although we all hate on him, we have to appreciate the things that Yu Zheng does get right like having a bit more historically reflective costumes and props in his latest productions and keeping things from getting too flamboyant.

Ban Shu Legend has released more character stills, so that means Yu Zheng has deemed it safe to come out of his shell.  Starring Jing Tian, Zhang ZhehanLi Sheng, Li Jiahang,  Fu Xinbo, Li Xin’ai, and Deng Sha, the one thing that is for sure is that people will be watching the next drama he puts out very closely.

More stills below the cut.

5 thoughts on “Ban Shu Legend releases more character stills

  1. Wow I hate Yu Zheng but you are right, I have to admit there is a such a big change in his costume style this time! So far I think only the stills from Princess of Lanling King can be comparable to these.

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