Top U.S. sci-fi awards recognize The Three Body Problem

Eliminate human tyranny! The world belongs to Trisolaris!

Eliminate human tyranny! The world belongs to Trisolaris!

After the mess of the Hugo that lead to big names like George RR Martin calling foul,  The Three Body Problem became the first Chinese novel to be successfully nominated for best novel for both of Sci-fi’s biggest awards, the Hugo and the Nebula. The novel by Liu Cixin, translated into English by the equally brilliant Ken Liu, is currently in the process of being made into a film. Other than leads Zhang Jingchun and Feng Shaofeng, Tang Yan and Du Chun are also rumored to join the cast.

Congrats to Liu Cixin! Also, duo Nebula and Hugo winner Ken Liu just published his first full-length novel, The Grace of Kings (it’s in English!),  an epic of its own set in a Han-dynasty alternate universe.  I highly recommend you to check it out.

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  4. Sounds great! I love fantasy books… but I’ve realised that I’ve never read any in Chinese :/ Lol, for some reason my Chinese fantasy vocabulary is lacking. Does anyone know of any places that has a decent list of Chinese fantasy vocabulary that I can start off with and cram haha?

    • Well, both of the novels mentioned here are in English, so that would be a good start. Ken Liu also has a number of excellent short stories and has translated a number of short stories by Chen Qiufan and Baoshu.

      Sci-fi-wise, most Chinese sci-fi is not hard sci-fi so reading tends to be easy. I don’t know about fantasy, though, since Western-styled fantasy isn’t that big in China. Most “fantasy” is more like fantasy-wuxia like Zhu Xian or The Legend of Zu.

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