Centertainment Chinglish mini quiz

Does your favorite singers want to “Bang the world” or be your “Super Daddy”?

Take the mini quiz and find out how well you understand the wonderful Chinglish world of our favorite c-entertainment stars. Or just  take the poll because we’re curious.

Answer:   Cfensi is pronounced c-fen-si  (fen rhymes with hen, and si is like the sound a snake makes. ). Fen si 粉丝 is  the Chinese word for fans.    Please respond to the poll as how you usually pronounce it in your head!

Q:  “Bang the World“, Jane Zhang’s new concert tour means

  1. Shoot the world
  2. Have sex with the world
  3. Other

Answer: Only Jane knows

Q: Which of the following is not a rap line written by M.I.C.‘s Yaoyao (Aero)?

  1. I know why u look me, your booty like fat cheese
  2. Please baby take care, car and cash easier
  3. Madonna take seconds, U like so real, Mom show me real feel
  4. I put my words right here before end of the world, hope any of u falls into the dance floor

Answer:  Aero wrote the first line for Hangover 2, second + third for  Lonely Night.  The last one is by Yang Fan and a part of  My Place. In my weekend M.I.C. obsession, I actually looked at the lyrics of every M.I.C. song, and I’m pretty sure their English is only so hilarious if and only if Yaoyao writes them. Yaoyao needs an award for his comedic contribution to the group.

Q:Ladybro“, M.I.C. Zhao Yongxin and Tan Jianci’s song,  is talking about

  1. A bro’s girlfriend who is also chill and can participate in bro-night, pending approval by the other bros (via Urban Dictionary)
  2. A bff who is male
  3. True Love

Answer: A bff who is male, although the MV indicates 3 as a possible answer. Also, I was so sure when I first heard the title of Xiaoxin’s Super Daddy that it was going to be an awkward misogynistic song that I’m going to have to block out, but it turned out to just be narcissism in the most catchy way possible.

Q: Which one of the following is not the English name of a Chinese celeb?

  1. Angelababy
  2. Bird
  3. Tiger Hu
  4. Underwater
  5. CJ Swag
  6. Cheney Chen
  7. Betty Sun

Answer: Angelababy = Yang Ying, Bird = Top Combine Zhang Yuan, Tiger Hu = Anson Hu, Underwater = Pan Chen, CJ Swag = M.I.C.’s Chi Yuehan,  Cheney Chen = Chen Xudong, Betty Sun =\= Sun Li .

Q: Which of the following an incorrect translation of 笑傲江湖 ?

  1. Laughing in the Wind
  2. The Swordsman
  3. The Swordman
  4. The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

Answer: Trick question! All four are correct, including Swordman.

Do you have any other funny translations or lyrics you can share? Put them in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Centertainment Chinglish mini quiz

  1. Really enjoyed this post, especially reading the rap lines, heheh. And I’m still so surprised that Sun Li’s English name isn’t Betty. How could they have gotten it wrong for so long!?!

    • Haha, Yaoyao’s got plenty more where that comes from, but many of them are too explicit/sexual/objectifying for me to post, because we’re too innocent for that ;b Although I definitely have had the first line of Hangover 2 stuck in my head for the past day, and I hate it.

      I think she probably went by Betty at one point but then changed her mind. Kind of like how Anson Hu is a perfectly normal name but now all of a sudden he wants Tiger….

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