Jane Zhang Announces World Tour With a Bang

Jane Zhang mysteriously dropped out of the ‘I Am A Singer’ competition right before the semi-finals, and the reason for it was unveiled on Jane’s Weibo yesterday.



Remember the last time on world tour, I said “I also want to be the best in your hearts.”This is the direction of my hard work! #janezhangbangtheworld# officiallytooktenyears, thank you to all of you guys for always being by my side. @janezhangBANGtheWorldconcert

Jane announced the kickoff of her 2015 world tour ‘Bang The World” yesterday, releasing two very eye catching promotional posters by Chen Man.sol This is a smart move, as just like G.E.M, ‘I Am A Singer’ has boosted her popularity greatly and now is a great time to either go on tour or release some new songs. Jane did announce that she was trying to take a more western approach as a singer, and the posters reflect that quite obviously. It’s edgy and sexy, just what people outside of China will stop to look at. I do want to know who was in charge of naming the tour and what meaning they were trying to project, but I do hope it gets good reception in China where the use of “bang” is known only in the K-pop group Big Bang and the Ariana Grande song. One thing Jane should learn before trying to break into the Western music industry is that there are many words with double meanings. Maybe you should play safe like G.E.M did- you can’t go wrong with letters of the alphabet like X.X.X.

The only thing I’m interested to see unfold is how Jane will lay out her concerts to match her new image. For years she’s been known as the singer of historical drama soundtracks, with the majority of her works slow and very Asian sounding ballads. I’m guessing at a complete 360 turn of music genres, but the only thing is, will her old fans like the switch?

The released dates of the concerts for now are:


6.27 Shanghai/7.04 Changsha/7.11Wuhan/7.18 Fuzhou/7.25 Shenzhen/8.01 Beijing/8.08 Dalian.

Wishing the best to Jane and her #Bangtheworld tour!

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    so Jane’s having a world concert!! but not sure if other dates are available as this is the first time i’ve come across and haven’t done any research as of yet! lol but i will later~ :D

  2. does she have any USA dates up since this being announced? i agree the images will work with the US audience as they love staring at stuff like this as it has that appeal capture. but the name of the tour itself will have them questioning if she knows the meaning of it… as most US citizens are all about that slang life. XD lol anyways, thanks for sharing!!

  3. Someone should inform her team about ‘bang’ the world’s sexual innuendo. Unless the intention is to be China’s Miley Cyrus….ugh!

  4. If she gets tour dates in North America, it’s going to be awkward explaining to my friends what concert I want to go to…… lololol.

    • Jane announced a Sydney, Australia concert on her last “international” tour years ago, but ended up cancelling. :(
      She did pull out a while in advance, but my feeling was that she wasn’t selling enough tickets.

      • The problem with overseas non-Asian dominant markets is that you really don’t have enough of an audience base to make a concert viable let alone profitable. Jane hadn’t come out for very long at that point in time and didn’t have a large enough fan base to hold a concert. It probably takes an average of 10 years before “popular” Chinese artists have a significant large enough overseas fan base to hold a large scale successful concert.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought “Bang the World” can be taken a different way …

    I feel like I am a Singer was a disaster for Jane. She should’ve used it to get rid of her Super Girl image and played it a bit safer with big, serious songs. Instead, she used it to get rid of her ballad song image, which was imo the better of her images.

    I wish she would stop trying so hard at the “Western” image without getting better producers. Her arrangement sounds so outdated, and it doesn’t help she’s singing songs like 冬天里的一把火. Although I’m a bigger fan of Jane’s voice overall and love her big theme songs by masters like Tan Dun or Kitaro, I feel like her album songs are several steps below that of G.E.M.’s if only because of arrangement. Good job, Lupo.

    I’ve been listening to a lot of M.I.C. in the past two days, and it’s so clear going from their first EP to their new album how much more “modern” the songs sound once they do it themselves. I would say Jane’s arrangement (Is it still mostly Adia?) is on the level of M.I.C.’s first EP. Unfortunately, most of cpop’s arrangement isn’t even as good as that. At least Jane sounds like she’s from the new millennium. Poor Wei Chen’s songs all sound like they’re from the 80’s.

    • Yeah, her I Am A Singer run didn’t do her any favours. It was a great exercise in alienating her old fans and not picking up any new ones.

      Jane’s 20014 album had no Mainland production at all. Most of it was Taiwanese. Adia and Jim Lee produced seven tracks between them (one was written by Jay Chou). Jae Chong, who is practically Taiwanese at this point, worked on one song, and Joanna Wang’s dad did another.
      The foreign contingent was made up of Khalil Fong (one song), and Kamada Toshiya (two).

      This was Jane’s first album with Sony after leaving Universal, and Sony has deeper roots in Taiwan, so it makes sense. But Taiwan’s music scene is stagnant and has been making the same music for the past 20 years… (The cover art, at least, was really good.)

      So I’m glad she’s going American-ish this time around instead of taking the usual Taiwanese route. Timbaland is a big yes, at least. Come on, Jane Zhang/Missy Elliott duet!

    • I just watched her latest press interviews, and she said she named it “Bang the World” because of it’s similar sound to the Chinese words “伴着我,” which means “accompanying me.” I think she failed to realize she was pronouncing “bang the world” totally wrong. She was pronouncing it “bung” instead of “bang.”

  6. Think you meant Big Bang not Kpop group bang bang? (I don’t think Bang Bang is a legit kpop group lol)

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