Zheng Shuang: Kabe-don me? I would kick him.


Which one hurts more? A  knee kick or this alternate reaction?

I cannot tell you how happy I am someone has finally said the correct reaction to kabe-don 壁咚, the Japanese  term  for the act of cornering someone against a wall that has been   immensely popular in China lately, with  everyone from Yuan Hong to  Li Yifeng to Wu Yifan doing it for promotions.  What ever happened to a relationship built on love and respect?

Finally, in an interview, Zheng Shuang became the first celeb to say no, she would not be happy if someone kabe-don’ed her. When asked what she would do if someone did, she said “I would kick him to hell ( 我会踹他上西天)”. Another reason why I love this woman so much.

I believe she gets kabe-don’ed multiple times by Hawick Lau in the upcoming May series Cage of Love. In the meantime, you can watch her and Ivy Chen pillow fight Yang Yang and Jing Boran in Divas Hit the Road beginning on the 18th.

6 thoughts on “Zheng Shuang: Kabe-don me? I would kick him.

  1. Well I know Wu Yifan said it was too domineering and not his style…does Kabe Don count if it was him and William doing it to each other LOL

  2. Generally, I’ve never met a women who liked a man as a result of unwanted advancement or violence. It always results in seemingly unreasonable hatred towards that person, in fact. But I suppose, if she loves him, and wants it… That’s why, BDSM, isn’t it?

  3. That’s my problem with Asian dramas, with cornering and wrist grabbing being seen as romantic gestures. Also, when being kissed the women often don’t seem to enjoy it — they’re too stiff LOL.

      • I’m generally perplexed by The Heirs. I’ve liked both of the leads in other dramas, but there was no chemistry at all between the two, and the plot was nil.

        Although, I think Thai dramas definitely win the award for the worst physical abuse by male leads, which is why I’m dreading this new trend of filming in Thailand (Eva Huang’s new drama …)

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