Yang Mi as Cinderella

Yang Mi as Cinderella, I'd watch that.

Yang Mi as Cinderella, I’d watch that.

Seamlessly placing Chinese stars onto Hollywood films, talented artist 青红造了个白  recently has been making waves on Weibo with photo sets like one of The Lord of the Rings vs The Journey to the West. Here’s  a set of Yang Mi placed onto Lily Jame’s Cinderella. What do you think?

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    • I think there’s variations on the story across the world, so it’s hard to say where it came from.

      I’ve always thought Cinderella in the Ming/Qing would make a really interesting dark twist per the Gregory Maguire route. Cinderella captures the love of some Prince with a foot fetish, the sisters bind their foot even tighter and eventually mutilates themselves to fit in the tight shoes. Cinderella ends up in a caged world as a concubine. Eventually she choses to unbind herself and runs away. Sorry, this is probably a more gruesome reply than you had gotten…

  1. Dang, those are gorgeous. I especially thought the first three were legit. Does anybody know more about the artist? He/she has serious skills and eyes.

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