“You Are My Sunshine” releases trailer

Can you believe it's been ten years since these two acted together?  @Liu Yifei

“If you’ve met the one, you never settle. ”  – Yang Mi’s  Guo Xiang  Zhao Mosheng

I was feeling iffy about the film version of   You Are My Sunshine,  but both the character posters and the trailer have looked so good that  I’m actually really looking forward to this.

The trailer released today focuses mostly on our leads played by Yang Mi and Huang Xiaoming, following them back in time through their seven years apart.  It also has glimpses of the supporting cast of Angelababy, Tong Dawei, model He Sui, EXO’s Huang Zitao, Xie Yilin, Li Chen, Ma Su, Sun Yizhou, and Joan Chen Chong.

6 thoughts on ““You Are My Sunshine” releases trailer

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  3. Well, hope this one will be better than the tv version, that I personally didn’t like it.
    At least Yang Mi’s wig looks more realistic than the one used for the tv drama. lol

  4. I’ve loved the TV version. It seems the movie version will be quite different. Still this teaser is yummy. Can’t wait to watch this movie! =)

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