G.E.M Releases New Song ‘One Way Road’

Singer G.E.M has announced through Weibo her upcoming album, and has already released the first track ‘Long Distance (多远都要在一起)’, which was also previewed at the 2015 CCTV New Year Gala. Today, she released the second track ‘One Way Road (單行的軌道)’, a powerful but also semi-jazzy ballad about not being happy, always stuck on the same one way road and never being able to go anywhere. This is another one of her emotional self-composed and self-written pieces spilling out her emotions and her past experiences with love and relationships. I think that many people can connect with this song and it’s meaning; how it’s so hard to shake off something that’s been stuck with you forever, whether it be a relationship or a conflict. G.E.M always impresses me with her skill in lyrics and music, especially at such a young age of 23. This album is looking very promising.

Listen to the audio here:

12 thoughts on “G.E.M Releases New Song ‘One Way Road’

    • Hi! Yeah, I’m a big fan of her voice but I do see how some people think that way. She sings heavily through her nose and that get’s a little annoying sometimes.

  1. Welcome! <3
    I'm sad she's not performing at I am a Singer tomorrow. I think it's kind of arbitrary to say that they can't sing their own songs for the gala performance. This is especially because I'm annoyed at Anson for not having sung any of his own songs the whole show.

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