Zhao Liying, William Chan starry in The Legend of Zu


I know your character description says lonely star, but you really didn’t need all the glitter to make that point.


Zhao Liying and William Chan make a surprising pair in William Chan’s first major lead role since his meteoric rise thanks to Ancient Sword. The Legend of Zu 蜀山战记之剑侠传奇  is produced and co-stars Nicky Wu, who had previously starred in Hark Tsui’s film adaptation of the same book. I can’t handle the photoshopped in lights, but at least both leads are pretty.

6 thoughts on “Zhao Liying, William Chan starry in The Legend of Zu

  1. I almost mistook Zhao LIying for Gulinazar – even though they don’t really look alike! Chen Weiting’s hair is a little strange, but I like the second to last photo the best~ Lots of “big” fantasy dramas this/next year – Hua Xu Yin (at some point), Hua Qiangu, QIn’s Moon, Da Ji (?), now this one..

    • The second one under the cut looked like Gulinazha. I don’t think the second to last photo is Zhao Liyin? The female’s outfit kind of looks like the Ancient Sword uniforms.

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