The Empress of China, available in full body!


Pop quiz: do you remember what this hair style is called?

After forced to watch bodiless ladies, you can now finally watch the original gorgeousness in full  because The Empress of China will be airing on TVB and CTV on March 30th.  TVB chose to PS an addition layer of cloth in front of boobs (because how can men control themselves when there are boobs), but CTV is airing it without any cuts!

To give you a refresher, here are a group of drawing of the show by @大葱君–.


8 thoughts on “The Empress of China, available in full body!

  1. I clicked the link, and it took me to youtube with clips of the episode. Where are the acutal epsiodes?

  2. CTV is doing a special segment on Tang dynasty society and culture in revving up for the broadcast in Taiwan. There are 8 segments so far for those of you interested in consort ranks, foods, dance, the societal positions of women, historical specifics of the life of Wu Zetian, etc. of the Tang dynasty.

    1. 唐朝後宮編制: [code][/code]
    2. 武則天個人特質: [code][/code]
    3. 武則天一人得寵: [code][/code]
    4. 武則天得勢原因: [code][/code]
    5. 唐朝後宮流行的服: [code][/code]
    6. 唐朝流行的食譜: [code][/code]
    7. 唐朝流行的娛樂活動: [code][/code]
    8. 唐朝的女性地位: [code][/code]

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