Hugs and kisses of Love Across Time in gif form

Let’s face it. The only thing that holds this drama together is how cute these two are together.

A gif tour of all the love that is Zheng Shuang and Jing Boran  in   Love Across Time, presented to you by Fashion Bazaar.

The series ends this Sunday, but Zheng Shuang has been confirmed for season 2 of Divas on the Road 花儿与少年 , and Jing Boran is reported to be joining her.

hug hospital

They hug, a lot, like at the hospital …

They hug before going to work …

They hug when after getting back to work…

They hug all around

Their hug their arms while hugging …

They hug in bed …

They hug during storytime …

The hug  while texting ..

They hug during promos ...

They hug during promos …

They hug when they clearly want more  than a hug.

…. she’s not your daughter, you know.

They also kiss a lot

… and for very long time periods ( the first kiss was over two minutes )

They kiss on skywalks

They kiss in the hospital…


They kiss while washing their faces with product endorsements…

They kiss after they’ve been kissed …

Even when she’s tying his tie …

… it turns into a kiss.

And sometimes they sleep together, but of course with clothes on.

… did I mention this was offscreen?

9 thoughts on “Hugs and kisses of Love Across Time in gif form

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  3. too bad the finale was like wtf………………………..ii’ve waited patiently for one more week and just got literally 10 mins more finale scene——–the rest 70 mins was just about the FLASHBACK of their love story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO PISSED OFF. the original korean version’s finale was way better A LOT than this one

  4. I have been absolutely in love with this drama (and honestly, I don’t even know why because it’s not like it’s the most coherent and thoughtful plot), and this has made me notice Jing Boran (I already liked Zhang Shuang). I am so sad that it is ending this Sunday… :(

  5. Really love this couple so much… too bad this week is the end… hope jing bao will join hua er yi shao nian. It’s kinda funny zheng shuang confirm for season 2 whereas his ex is in season one last year telling stories about their love story. But now the two already separate…thats okay past is the past… Now i support this two couple jing bao n zheng shuang…😀😀😀

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