Chen Xiao: Perfect characters annoy me

Perfection is over-rated. This is why I rely on Yang Rong for everything.

Perfection is over-rated. This is why I rely on Yang Rong for everything.

Actor Chen Xiao talks about how he can’t help but add flaws to his characters in an interview with Men’s Uno.   He’s totally selling the acting-crazed but clueless-in-life personality for me.   Now I really want to watch him in  Love & Life & Lie 遇见爱情的利先生.

MU: Before, when mentioning Love & Life & Lie, you said you accepted this series because you don’t want to act in idol dramas after 30. Do you still feel so? 

Chen Xiao: Yes, that’s what I thought at the time. I’ve never filmed idol dramas before, and I felt like I should film one while young. …  However, after I received the first ten episodes I’ve changed my mind, because it doesn’t feel like an idol drama at all when I watched it.  My treatment of the character isn’t idol at all. I don’t know, when I see a character is too perfect, I get annoyed, so I always want to add some flaws to him when I’m working with him. Maybe it’s because I think if he’s too perfect, he’s not realistic enough. But a lot of girls nowadays seem to like perfect men when watching idol dramas, so I think if I have the opportunity, I want to film a real idol drama. I’m a bit conflicted, because I’m afraid when I do, I won’t be able to control myself and add things to his character again.


MU: Maybe the more you say this, the more the audience will anticipate it.  (Yes, me!)
Chen Xiao: We also changed the ending, but I like the previous version. If it was before, it would be a complete drama, but now, to me, it’s a crippled series.

(The original ending had the male lead die of brain cancer, and the female lead soon followed, but not before giving birth to their child. Rumor is now it’s a happy ending.)

Some photos while we wait:

source: jjwxc (I know, not credible, but I couldn’t find any scans of the  interview, only the photos of him on MU last month. )

13 thoughts on “Chen Xiao: Perfect characters annoy me

  1. I can’t help but think he has been heavily influenced by Yang Rong, who is very selective in her roles. I love their banter, they are obviously very close working for the same management company and all. To be honest, Chen Xiao’s role as Yang Guo did him no good in my eyes, but then again, can you reject such a role when offered by your boss? Ling Pingzhi is still his best role so far.

    • Same. From what I’ve observed, he’s learned a lot from her. I remember he said in an interview that whenever he would be collaborating with YR, one would sometimes add their own improvised dialogues and actions rather than completely following the script if they personally thought it needed change and the other would naturally cooperate with it by changing their own script a bit. Also, YR said in another interview that whenever she’s playing an evil character, she’ll add some elements to it so that the viewers could empathize with the character. I find that really professional and skillful of them.
      I think it’s generally agreed that LPZ remains his best acting performance by far. Let’s see if his role in Yun Zhong Ge can surpass that.

    • Yang Guo was a gift from Yu Zheng because it’s Chen Xiao’s dream role. I think he did a pretty good job with Yang Guo,even if the overall drama was bleh. As much a non-serious company Yu Zheng is, I actually really like all of his artists. From the old Mickey He to Yang Rong and Chen Xiao, you can tell they actually really like acting and put a lot of effort into their roles.

      • For Romance of Condor Heroes, i don’t like how the story has added so much screen time for side characters that I don’t even see the romance between our two heroes anymore.

  2. I love actors like him who don’t completely follow the script, but add their own flair, based on their own interpretation of the character. I love this guy.

    • I do, too! I really liked what he said here, although I feel bad because he’s also right that people love perfect characters more than perfect stories, and it’ll be harder for him to get fans this way.

  3. OH!I am anticipating for this drama too!When will it air? HAHAH,He really want to “die” in dramas is it?His characters die in every single drama except for Palace and ROCH…

    • The word on Weibo-sphere is it’s airing in May, so we can only hope. You’re right about death. I think Bai Yutang dies some horrible death, too. But at least he’s alive by the end of Cloud Song!

      • Bai Yutang will die also? …
        Is all the Mainland dramas that sadistic or only his dramas are?

        Anyways,I at first thought that Love,life & lies is romance comedy.After all,the trailer was cute!

        • In the book, he died. In a number of the TV versions, though, he didn’t die, so that could be the case here.

          It definitely looked like a cute romantic comedy from the trailer, so I’m guessing they made a lot of adjustments to Love,life & lies from the original.

          • AH..I am dying to watch this drama.Why they are not releasing another trailer? T.T

            Can’t it be both of them have brain cancer together right?That’s why they both died?I am trying to find that novel in eng translation but I can’t.

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