Weibo Wednesday: April 11, 2015

Apologies for the really short round-up this time, but quality over quantity, right? Also, cats.

Hu Ge with cat

胡歌: 《伪装者》第四十一天—-你以为不下来就是猫头鹰了吗 你飞一个我看看[喵喵]

Hu Ge, who is currently filming for the suspense/spy drama The Disguiser (伪装者), shared a funny conversation with this cat. Keep in mind that the first character in “owl” (mao tou ying) is the same character for “cat” (mao).

Day 41 of The Disguiser—- Do you think that just because you won’t come down, that makes you an owl? Try flying, let me see.

Crystal Liu Yifei with her shocked cat

刘亦菲: 看到她这个表情实在是忍不住笑了

Crystal Liu Yifei also added to this round-up’s cat quota. I’m not even really a cat person, but her kitty is just too adorable.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw her expression

Ni Ni and Angelababy kiss

倪妮V: 亲吻狂魔喵祝我家大Baby生日快乐[蛋糕][蛋糕][蛋糕]@angelababy

Gal/gal kissing is becoming more of a Weibo trend, as shown by Ni Ni and Angelababy on the latter’s 26th birthday (February 28, posted right at midnight too).

Kissing wild demon meow. Wishing Baby happy birthday

Ivy Chen and Janine Chang kiss

陳意涵: 巴黎~morNing~@張鈞甯 結果你的外送遲到了,所以我只好到店取貨[亲亲][亲亲][亲亲]

Also Ivy Chen and Janine Chang, who are in France for Paris Fashion Week.

Paris~ Morning~ @Janine Chang In the end, your delivery was late, so I had no choice but to go to the store to pick it up

Kai Ko with giant white rose

柯震東Kai: 等 · 開花

Kai Ko with a rose. I dunno. I thought it was cute. He recently did a GQ photoshoot with his dad and brother.

Waiting. To bloom

Han Dong joining the duang trend

韩栋: duang duang duang 早上好![嘻嘻]

If you’ve looked at Weibo during the past two weeks or so, you may have seen the word “duang” randomly appearing in posts, such as this one by Han Dong:

duang duang duang Good morning!

What the heck does “duang” mean? To figure that out, we turn to this old Jackie Chan interview, in which he talks about a commercial he did for a shampoo company. At first, he rejected the offer because he wanted to test the product first, rather than having the crew film him and then add a bunch of special effects to his hair later, thus leading to the “duangggggg” effect. Check out the 15-sec mark to learn how to say “duang” with the proper swag.

As for how to write “duang” in Chinese, it’s basically Jackie Chan’s Chinese name (成龙), crammed into one character.

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