Lunar New Year Performances Round-Up


Remind me why she haven’t been in any ancient dramas lately?


My picks.   Note that I have no music tastes and most choices are purely based on prettiness. Hence why Tong Liya gets photos but no links to the performance, because the rest of the show must have switched costume and stage designers.

For the first time ever, the local channels completely overwhelmed CCTV in every aspect. Better songs, dances, stage design, and even funnier and less misogynist skits.


Best Song-Stage Combo:  While you’re still young by Hua Chenyu
CCTV designers should be taking notes from the simple but so effective stage design for this.  Also, I can’t believe this song wasn’t popular before.

Best  Dance: Heart of a Water Lily 莲花心 by Yang Wu
An eerily beautiful dance arranged by the masterful Yang Liping combined with perfect costume and set design. And you thought  Yang Liping‘s nails were creepy.

Best Song in Dialect: Itch in Shanghainese by Huang Ling
If you thought the mandarin version was scratching at your heart, try the Shanghainese version.  I had to sneak this one in here.

Best Use of Holographs : Water Lily by  Li Yugang and Li Yugang
Water lilies seems to be in this year, as are multiple copies of yourself. Some people just can’t get enough of themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 2.14.00 PM

Best Acrobatic Performance: Dream Chaser 逐梦 by Yin Zhonghua

Best Proof Aska Yang is the Center of the Universe: Restless Heart by Aska Yang

Best Xiangsheng: That’s not mine by Miao Fu/Wang Sheng
The hottest duo of 2014 can give Little Apple a run for its money this holiday season. This particular one was tailored for CCTV with all new jokes on corruption. It was really funny, and worth it if only because it was the focus of  a Foreign Policy articles.

Best Little Apple: Mockery Version
You know you’re Asian if you get asked the following questions during the holidays…

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