Photoshoot Round Up: Miscellaneous

When it rains, it pours.
Liu Yifei is in black veils fro Madame Figaro – wouldn’t it be nice if she had done more of those? Zhang Xinyi is in a winter wonderland, while Tong LIya is a killer businesswoman for Grazia. Jing Tian looks ready for summer, with her dresses and skirts. Liu Tao gives off the aura of a queen for Cosmopolitan, and Xu Jinglei is mature and cool. Meanwhile, Chen Xuedong adds in a little more testerone, and super model He Sui is eyecatching in black – who wins, her or Liu Yifei?

01. Liu Yifei for Figaro:

02. Zhang Xinyi

03. Tong Liya

04. Jing Tian

05. Liu Tao

06. Xu Jinglei

07. Chen Xuedong

08.He Sui
sui he

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