G.E.M Announces North America Tour At The House of Blues In Hollywood


Despite all the backlash and criticisms swirling around her these days, G.E.M has not let that stop her in expanding her singing career into North America. Recently, G.E.M performed a mini show at the House of Blues in Hollywood, California and had a brief Q&A session with fans who sent in tweets. Before the performance, a snippet of the documentary being made about G.E.M was shown, and she later says that it will be released further in the year, so stay tuned for that!

Besides singing a few songs and casually chatting with the MC, G.E.M announces her step into the western market- by bringing her X.X.X Live tour to North America! The released dates are:

Nov 3 Vancouver, BC , Pacific Coliseum
Nov 6 San Jose, CA , SAP Center at San Jose
Nov 7 Los Angeles, CA , The Forum
Nov 11 Toronto, ON , Air Canada Centre
Nov 15 Newark, NJ , Prudential Center
Nov 18 Chicago, IL , The Chicago Theatre
Nov 22 London, UK , Wembley Arena

Tickets go on sale at Ticketmaster as of May 2, so if you live in any of those states, be sure to check them out.

Watch the full version here:

6 thoughts on “G.E.M Announces North America Tour At The House of Blues In Hollywood

  1. Reblogged this on Simply Here and commented:
    OMFG, YES! Let me go!! G.E.M is one of the first HK singer i’ve listened to and gotten into… without the whole finding out they are an actor first kind of deal. XD anyways, i wanna go, but i need to do more research for sure though!!

  2. Los Angeles will be dope! but looking at ticketmaster makes me a bit sketchy only because of how i’m viewing it and seeing these “packages” are they legit? the timing is good as i could save! but i don’t know how this is working and hope for more information about if possible! ^^” thanks!!

    • Yeah, VIP packages are pretty common with concerts, and especially with Asian artists. Which part of it looks weird for you? Are you going to do the meet and greet package? :o

      • okay, never mind. i actually looked and explored a bit. but yeah that M&G pkg is $$$ T^T almost 1k! i don’t know if i can do that though. D: but it seems worth it… wait, is it worth it? i’ve never gone to any Chinese artists concerts. Just kpop, and usually those have some horrible experiences, but still, that’s all i know. so if any more information about who Chinese artists’ concerts are done in the US would be lovely. :D

        • If you do get the VIP package and meet her after the show, tell her to visit Cfensi~ :P
          G.E.M’s been on tour with her X.X.X. Live concerts for a whiiile now, so you can read up on other people’s concert-going experiences. They all seem pretty positive!
          I don’t think you can judge her concerts based on that of other Chinese singers, though. G.E.M clearly has bigger ambitions than anyone else in the Chinese music industry right now.

          • haha i’ll definitely will! although i’ll sound like an idiot since i’m not really sure how to actually pronounce “fensi” right. ^^”
            and oh, okay, i’ll definitely check out some fanaccounts! i’m sure i’ll learn more that way and oh wow really? that is a good thing, right? i hope so! thanks again. :D

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