The Four cast promotes with modern shoot


Are their outfits really yellow and white? Or is it blue and black?

Why don’t we have a major “historical” detective transplanted in modern China yet? Because they would look so good, as shown by them in this post-modern (judging by the holographic yellow tape at the crime scene) photoshoot of The Four leads Zhang Han, William Chan, Yang Yang, and Mao Zijun.  The series is set to air next month once RoCH is over.   Also, since Yang Yang is in here, can we make it a musical, too?

6 thoughts on “The Four cast promotes with modern shoot

  1. Did you forget the modern Justice Bao? I know it’s more classified as Republican but it was definately not historical. It was actually a very well done transposition by the way.

    • I love the Republican Justice Bao (or “Sherlock”, as the official translation has it…) ! But I feel like Republican era is like a dead spot that rarely captures the audience for a variety of reasons.
      I want to see him either in the 21st century or some future time playing with all the high tech. Zhan Zhao can be a hacker.

      • Well you need to find a balance between using modern tech to basically scientifically analysing and the logic reasoning skills of Justice Bao which people love to watch. If it’s too reliant on technology then you would lose a lot of that. So Republican is probably a good compromise between the two.

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