M.I.C. Jianci, Li Xiangxiang head Tiny Times the Musical


Can you guess who’s who?

It’s ridiculous how good-looking even the musical cast for Guo Jingming‘s  Time Times is.

The male cast features M.I.C. Jianci, Chinese Idol winner Li Xiangxiang, singer Li Weifeng (Coke Lee), BangBangTang ex-member Wu Sixian, lead of Jin Sha the musical Zhang Qiyuan, China is Listening Third Place Ayunga (he’s my bet for Gongming),  and Chinese Idol contestant Zhang Jie. H.I.T.’s Duan Huangwei will also be in this.

Female leads include Nan Quan Mama‘s Lara, Super Girl Pan Chen (the first actual Shanghainese to play a Tiny Times lead),  and a bunch of Chinese Idol  contestants like Liu Sihan.

Oh, and they also with you a Happy Chinese New Year:

8 thoughts on “M.I.C. Jianci, Li Xiangxiang head Tiny Times the Musical

  1. Jianci’s new song for Tiny Times. I wish I were in China to watch this! Pop musicals are so rare in China these days, and with such a pretty cast, too.

    Part of the cast’s Rain-boiled Time. Jianci is definitely best dressed of the boys. Lara sounds … a lot worse than expected. I like the girl next to her’s voice the best of the girls.

    • The latest rumor is they’re going to release it without him this summer. I think Guo Jingming is done with Tiny Times at this point and unwilling to refilm it, and it doesn’t seem like the drugs ban will lift any time soon.

  2. Li Xiangxiang is from the first season of Chinese Idol, not The Voice of China! :o
    Still kind of surprised that he won, but yeah…

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