Sing My Song Ep 8

Liu Ren Jie performing to a background of the whole Wakin family which she drew.


It’s 周华健 this week! The final album is titled 梦幻的乐园 Magical Playground, and the composition theme is 团圆 Reunion.

If I’m not wrong, they cut the composition time from 24 to 12 hours, which is not a professional move. It’d disrupt the fairness between last week’s group, which had more time, and the other groups. I know this show’s format is experimental, and I know the producers think that 24 hours is excessive based on what happened last episode, but I wish they’d just stick with a rule at least for the season.

Anyway, this week’s ep jumped straight to the top 4+1 final performances, and put the composition process at the end, kind of like behind-the-scenes cuts for those who are interested. A good decision, because a lot of time is wasted on Wakin Chau making dumplings (-.-) with his white(!) son and S1 contestant 蒋瑶嘉 Jiang Yao Jia, who shot to fame with her androgynous look and really cool attitude. (Seriously though, I feel like the judges are paid to do practically  nothing on this show. It’s all the competitors holding it up.)

Overall, the compositions and performances were significantly weaker than last week’s.

P.S. I still wish they would at least upload everyone’s compositions online or something.

Wakin Chau making dumplings with his son and Jiang Yao Jia... LOL the judges are really paid to do nothing.

Wakin Chau making dumplings with his son and Jiang Yao Jia… LOL the judges are really paid to do nothing.

Gou Nai Peng 苟乃鹏 - 小小

  • Pop
  • Media Vote: 51/51
  • My music score: 9/10
  • My lyrics score: 9/10
  • My performance score: 8/10
  • Such a catchy, catchy song! It’s hard to make a song in this upbeat, simple style stand out just because it’s so common, but Gou Nai Peng manages to pack a strong emotional punch while getting me to bob along. The descriptive lyrics are spot on. It’s really cute he got inspired by Luhan’s movie Back to 20s 重返二十岁. I saw the Korean original (Miss Granny), and the photo studio described in the lyrics is exactly like in the movie. Some netizens are saying the song riffs too much off Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, which is where he got his inspiration from (in the BTS). I think people are being too harsh; it’s the same chord progression, same guitar rhythm, but the melody is very different, and the song is a lot more varied than the repetitive I’m Yours. The only thing about his performance was the awkward way he was moving, kind of like on-the-spot march lol. But his voice emotes so well, it almost doesn’t matter. The standout parts are the quiet intro and outros, that transform this song into much more than it seems emotionally, as well as the instrumental interlude that is just so joyful and cute.

Liu Ren Jie 刘润洁 - 完整的我

  • Indie Folk
  • Media Vote: 41/51
  • My music score: 6/10
  • My lyrics score: 7/10
  • My performance score: 7/10
  • The song is completely her – sweet, pure, angelic, a little sad. Her voice reminds me a little of taiwanese indie queen Cheer Chen. I didn’t completely buy the song, it lost me after the first chorus, but I think this is the type of the music that you kind of just have to let yourself sink into the mood. She would find her niche in the 小清新 subculture, but not beyond that. And to really go far, she needs write more memorable melodies.

黎子明 - Naomi

  • Pop (Ballad)
  • Media Vote: 25/51
  • My music score: 5/10
  • My lyrics score: 6/10
  • My performance score: 6/10
  • This would fit right into a musical. But it’s a really basic, boring song. The cheesy arrangement didn’t help. I also found him kinda act in the performance. Perhaps this is my personal bias speaking.

Dai Quan 戴荃 - 老神仙

  • Experimental folk-rock
  • Media Vote: 44/51
  • My music score: 9/10
  • My lyrics score: 8/10
  • My performance score: 9/10
  • This was the winner for me. Dai Quan has something that most of the contestants don’t – a “voice”. His music inhabits a world of his own, but he makes it incredibly moving and accessible to all of us. The way he blends traditional chinese opera elements into a very modern, experimental folk-rock arrangement is pure genius.

Lin Er Wen 林二汶 - 只怕不够时间看你白头 (Revival)

  • Pop (Ballad)
  • Media Vote: 44/51
  • My music score: 7/10
  • My lyrics score: 9/10
  • My performance score: 8/10
  • I cried from the very first pre-chorus. She sang about a sentiment so universal, so relatable, so raw. The song itself isn’t particularly interesting, but for its power to move so many of us to tears, it has my greatest respect. I also deeply respect Lin Er Wen herself for her sportsmanship and the sincerity with which she pursues music. (It’s surprising that none of the judges know who she is. I thought she was quite an established Hong Kong artist, her 2012 album was quite good.)
  • She wrote this song for her mother, for whom she feels bad to have missed her 61st birthday. I translated the song for you, because I think we can all understand how it feels to be so focused on your life until one day you turn around and suddenly realize how much your parents have aged.

你说 世界很多 You said, the world is vast
总有展翅的地方 There’ll always be a place to soar
那是游乐场 That’s the playground
那里有梦想 Where dreams thrive
我说世界再大 I said, no matter how big the world is
沒有你在的地方 A place without you
不过是寂寞 Will only be lonely

寂寞的流浪 Wandering lonelily
寂寞的流浪 可是一步一步走 But step by step
人生还是要向前走 Life has to go on
走啊走啊 As I walk
走到哪儿了 Where have I come to?
那条回家的路已远去了 That road back home is now far behind
想啊想啊 As I think
想起你了 I think of you
只怕不够时间看你的黑发 I’m afraid there isn’t enough time to watch your black hair
变成白发 Turn white

眼前是未来的路 Before me is the road to the future
脑海回响着你的话 Your words in my mind
去吧去吧 Go, just go
跟着心去吧 Follow your heart
你说得轻松我的脚步却重了 You said it lightly but my heart is heavy
终于回家 Finally back home
看见你了 Seeing you
却发现梦想不能换回时间 I realize my dreams cannot bring back the time
最好的 错过了 The best, I’ve missed it
错过了 却学会了 I’ve missed it, but now I’ve learnt

Judges votes:

  • Liu Huan – 5 points to Dai Quan
  • Tanya – 5 points to Lin Er Wen
  • Yu Quan – 5 points to Gou Nai Peng

So the finalists from this group are: Gou Nai Peng (#1 in votes), Dai Quan (Wakin Chau pick)!!I really enjoyed Gou Nai Peng’s piece but boy does Dai Quan deserve the spot. He’s such a 江湖好男儿 (a loyal, righteous youth. the kind you see in martial arts epics). I don’t know much about the Monkey King or Journey to the West, but his entire worldview is shaped around that and his geekiness is just adorable.

3 thoughts on “Sing My Song Ep 8

  1. I finally had the time to actually read through all your posts. Great job with them, by the way!

    My favorite is definitely Dai Quan as well, partly because I had a huge Monkey King dream as a child as well. I feel like he and Gou Nai Peng have the opposite lyrics issues. He has better control of how the lyrics fits into the song, even if some of the words themselves don’t make sense. Gou Naipeng’s lyrics look nicer when looking at the lyrics themselves, but some of the lines don’t work well with the song. Lin Er Wen succeeds in both, but her lyrics aren’t as fun or creative.

  2. It’s incredible that these artists can come up with such amazing songs in half the time of the first week contestants. Kudos to them.

    I thought Wakin Chau’s son is Eurasian though?

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