Photoshoot Friday: Men’s Roundup

Is this an overdue Photoshoot Friday? …Yes.

Featuring Li Yifeng (currently starring in The Legend of Fragrance), Chen Xuedong (making it so little girls in First Grade will have really high standards for their ideal man), Jing Boran (currently adorable in Love Across the Millenium), and Nicky Wu (going to be working with Zhao Liying and William Chan/Chen Weiting in The Chronicles of Mount Shu), this photoshoot may be a reminder of why some of us will always be alone on Valentines Day.
Li Yifeng

Chen Xuedong

Jing Boran about to fall off and die:

In the beginning, I was on a boat…


Hey, I didn’t die, maybe this isn’t so bad after all.


Nicky Wu

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