Holiday Wishlist by Bei’er


Did you know the choreography for their song was mostly designed by Bei’er?

Bei’er‘s Holiday Wish List via Happy Camp and Youku. Also watch Lu Yi, Bao Lei, and Bei’er’s performance on the Spring Festival Gala below.

    1. When I grow really old, my parents still won’t be old.  When I’m old, they’re only 11. When I’m their age, they’re only 4. When I’m 100, they’re only born, and then they’ll grow up and give birth to me again, and we’ll continue to live together.
    2. Marry a prince
      He Jiong: Are there any princes on Where are we going? Daddy?
      Bei’er: My dad
    3. Always be with the prince and my parents
    4. I want my mom to say I have to wear long dress.
    5. My hair to grow longer all the time and can’t even be cut
    6. When I grow up, I can wear lipstick and climb mountains and go on Where are we going? Dad with the prince.

  1. Earn more and more money, and have lots of pretty dresses and shoes and a pretty cellphone
  2. Have a huge mansion and have my parents sleep in the biggest room and I’ll sleep in the smaller room.
  3. The huge mansion will have more and more things in it
  4. Marry a really handsome guy
    Host: Am I okay?
    Bei’er: Yes, but there should be someone more okay than you. And when I grow up you’ll be old.
    Host: I’ll wait for you.
    Bei’er: That’s touching.

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