Celebrating in Red with The Princess of Orchid Hills

The cover for Northern Zhou’s Vogue magazine for next week.

The Princess of Lanling has released red-costumed stills just in time for Chinese New Year, starring  Zhang HanyunPeng Guanying, and Andy Chen Yi.  These stills give us a closer look at the embroidery and details that go into the grander costumes in this production as well as the backgrounds and filming locations.

Feast your eyes on more stills below.

Are we really supposed to believe that her cape is any indication of the path she took up those steps?

I know it’s not red but off-red is close enough, right?

Golden beaded-curtains: Really showing you are part of the top 1% since sometime around 570 CE.

SHE thinks she started the beaded curtain trend?!?  Let me tell you something.  I’ve been rocking this since I was 17.

*Sigh* This year’s collection of red envelopes will not be nearly enough to buy me another highly embroidered costume.

Yep. That’s how I’m marketing it, a fundraiser for opulent costumes.

Well… looks like somebody’s gotten a bit too used to luxury.

… not to mention that tracking your highly expensive costume through mud WILL wear it down more quickly.

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