Weibo Wednesday: February 18, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year! For some of us, it’s not yet February 19, but I guess that just means we’ll get an extended day of celebration. C: Treat yourself to one of Jimmy Lin‘s red envelopes featuring his son, Kimi~

Jimmy Lin with red envelope featuring son Kimi Lin

夢想家林志穎: 新年快乐[大红灯笼]发红包时间到啰![发红包][发红包][发红包]

Happy New Year. It’s time to pass out the red envelopes!

Most of our favorite celebrities are enjoying the holiday at home, which means not as many Weibo updates regarding the New Year. But here’s what some of them have been up to the past three weeks…

Ruby Lin, Vicki Zhao Wei share a birthday kiss

林心如: 這就是愛~

Ruby Lin celebrated her 39th birthday on January 27. Vicki Zhao Wei was there to give her her blessings and a birthday kiss.

This is love~

Tony Yang with Monsters Inc. warm plushie

楊祐寧YOYANG: 梳妝組姐妹們送了暖寶給我,是我目前看過最符合我男子漢氣質的暖寶了!姐妹們,謝!

Tony Yang, who’s in the currently airing Lady & Liar (千金女贼) and will be in the upcoming Bu Bu Jing Xin (新步步惊心) movie, showed off a supposedly manly way to stay warm.

The ladies on the hairdresser team sent me a warm plush. Out of all the ones I’ve seen, this is the most fitting a manly guy like me! Ladies, thank you!

Tang Yan Photoshops Yang Mi taking her rightful place by Hawick Lau's side

唐嫣: #千金女贼# 听说今晚真假千金就要见面了,听起来很可pia啊[吃惊]。看不了直播的童鞋表示很忧伤[悲伤]…不过今天有新版海报哦[花心],分享给大家你们喜欢吗[馋嘴]?喜~欢!耶[嘻嘻][耶]@杨幂 @刘恺威

At the beginning of the month, Lady & Liar featured a clash between Tang Yan‘s Jiang Xin, the genuine but memory-less heiress, and Yang Rong‘s Ye Xin/Du Xiaohan, the thief who stole her identity. But all along, Tang Yan has felt like the impostor in the situation, because the drama has her romancing Hawick Lau, the husband of her best friend, Yang Mi. Hence this Photoshop job.

#Lady&Liar# Today I heard that the true and fake heiress will come face to face. It sounds very scary. Those who can’t watch the broadcast said they’re very distressed… But today there’s a new poster, which I will share with everyone. Do you all like it? Like~it! Yeah. @Yang Mi @Hawick Lau

Wang Yuexin married to Wu Yating

王栎鑫: 2015年2月2号 我人生当中最重要的时刻 我很感激 也很开心 站在我对面的人是你 吴雅婷

On February 2, 26-year-old singer Wang Yuexin got married to girlfriend Wu Yating, who is not part of the entertainment industry. The ceremony was held in Sanya, and his groomsmen were all his fellow Super Boys from 2007. Check out some gorgeous pictures of the wedding.

February 2, 2015. The most important moment in my life. I am very thankful and very happy that the person standing in front of me is you, Wu Yating.

One day before the event, good friend Yu Haoming jokingly posted that he felt a little choked up about the upcoming wedding and that he was thinking about doing something… Netizens encouraged him to stop the wedding and run off with the groom.

Yang Le imitating childhood photo

杨玏: 真的没变样[笑cry][偷笑]

Yang Le, whom you may recognize as Chen Xun from the drama Back in Time (匆匆那年) and Lu Yuanfeng from My Sunshine (何以笙箫默), shows off a childhood photo of himself, in which he’s pulling the same unhappy pout face as he does in the present.

There’s really no difference.

Eddie Peng playing with action figure of himself

彭于晏: 可以換頭換造型[doge]

And last but not least, Eddie Peng had some fun with his new action figure of Wong Fei-hung, whose likeness is based off Eddie in his recent movie, Rise of the Legend (黄飞鸿之英雄有梦).

It can change heads and change poses.

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