The Four finally set to air

… and it’s about time!! >:(

Looks like things are starting to get released.  The Four, starring Zhang Han, William Chan, Yang Yang, Mao Zijun, Janine Chang, GuiGui,  Han Dong, Huang Ming,  Mickey He, and even a guest star from Zheng Shuang, has started releasing character teasers for the series set to air on  Hunan TV following RoCH 2015.  Therefore, I thought I would make a post.

More stills below the cut.

&*%@#@!  OH NOES!!  What is she doing?!?  Janine Chang didn’t learn the first time!  She’s trying to become a big head again!!

At least this version doesn’t seem to feature potentially useless armor

… and seems to have replaced that with better outside shooting locations and props…

… and better tastes in terms of furniture…

… Seriously!  Somebody find me the interior designer for this project!!  Even I want to work here!!

PS shiny-ness is reminding me too much of “CGI qi” from the movie version for my comfort….

For the amount of time I have waited, the PS had SOOO better not be reflective of the CGI in this drama >:(

The big question of the day:  Who owns the white hair and wins the shampoo and conditioner endorsement, Fan Bingbing or Mikey He?

Personally, I think it’s Fan Bingbing but I’m voting Mikey He because I want to see him do the Herbal Essence head thing.

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