Love Across Time releases promo MV


Uh, that dress might be a tad too short for meet the parents day in 10 B.C.E. 

A modern-day actress (Zheng Shuang) and an Western Han official (Jing Boran) live out their separate but intersecting lives across two millennia  this beautiful promo for Love Across Time.   Theme song by Wei Chen.

9 thoughts on “Love Across Time releases promo MV

  1. So I’ve been traveling and not having too much Internet access thanks to my forgetfulness…. but I’ve used what little time I had on the net to watch the latest two episodes. Zheng Shuang and Jing Boran’s characters are really cute together! I think this is Jing Boran’s first (?) drama kiss and Zheng Shuang’s first one since Meteor Shower. Jing Boran made like three weibo posts about how he got forcibly kissed in those episodes, but if you watch it, he totally moved first on that kiss.

    The ancient scenes are still way too draggy (also some of the modern ones that doesn’t involve the leads).

  2. Zheng Shuang’s outfits are so gorgeous in this! I haven’t seen any of JBR’s acting before and it’s very refreshing to watch ZS paired with someone other than ZH for a change.

    I agree the ancient scenes are boring. I skip through them or let them play in the background and do something else. Plus the fact that my Chinese isn’t that strong, so I have no idea what they’re talking about half the time.

    Is 湘湘 also going to go back in time with him or is 公明 the only one time traveling?

    • I don’t think she ever goes back in time (which is why the ancient parts are probably going to continue to be boring since this show’s main selling point is how 傻白甜 the leads are…).

      The rumor is that her next drama is with Hawick Lau again. I was really hoping she would star opposite against Chen Xiao instead because I feel like Xiangxiang and Chen Xiao’s Yang Guo would make a really fun pair.

  3. So I have to actually watch the show to find out the ending? :)

    I wonder how they are connected. Is Zheng Shuang going to travel back in time, or Jing Boran going to travel forward in time? Or is it going to going back and forth like Queen In-Hyun’s Man? Wait… is this a remake of that show? Oh!!! Need to watch!

    Edit: Cute <3 Duet <3

  4. Hahahaha, I love that Xiangxiang’s ringtone is “Daddy, where are we going?” and Gong Ming calls her 女儿 (Daughter, but it meant women back in his time).

    The ancient parts were a bit slow and awkwardly filmed, but the modern parts are good. The lighting could be stronger, but overall decent. Xiangxiang is really cute.

    • I tried watching the first ep, but the beginning scene bored me to death. :( Is the series worth watching if the only person you’re watching for is Chen Xiang?

      • No. The ancient scenes so far are not nearly as interesting as the modern scenes. If you want to watch Chen Xiang, Home of Ladies is airing on Satellite aka HD soon and his parts are the best in there!

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