Han Dong, Jiang Kaitong Star in Upcoming Drama “Perfume Woman”

Now that he has his hair all back, Han Dong is off to romance perfumaniacs.

Han Dong and Jiang Kaitong headline the upcoming drama Perfume Woman (心香女人), which tells the story of Qing Ling, an orphan girl with an amazing sense of smell. She dreams of creating her own brand of perfume and, in the process, becoming rich so that she can give back to orphanages and society.

Since Perfume Woman is still in the filming stages, not much information has been revealed, though predictably there will be love triangles and the such. The drama did recently release its first stills, which can be viewed below the cut. Also in the cast are Taiwanese actor Lee Wei and mainland Chinese actress Crystal Zhang (Zhang Xiyuan).

Han Dong, that hairstyle and shirt combination really is not doing you any favors… :'(

Lee Wei, on the other hand… never looked hotter. (But only in the photo above. He looks dorky in the next one lol.)

Leading lady getting pulled around by two hot guys.

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8 thoughts on “Han Dong, Jiang Kaitong Star in Upcoming Drama “Perfume Woman”

    • No, in that drama it’s a supernatural power and helps the main character solve crime. In this one, she’s probably just good at picking out floral tones or whatever because the show has a perfume theme.

      • ahh it’s a pretty popular plotline huh? :P

        and tang yan– isn’t she in like 3 current airing dramas right now?! that’s ridic does she get a break? o.o

        • They’re all pre-filmed, so it’s not as crazy as if she were doing one of those dramas that film and air simultaneously. Promotions might get kinda crazy, though. If you’re interested, here’s her filming schedule for her three 2015 dramas so far, according to Baike.

          Lady & Liar: November 20, 2013 – March 7, 2014
          Legend of Fragrance: March 23, 2014 – June 9, 2014
          My Sunshine: June 20, 2014 – September 14, 2014

  1. Lee Wei has short hair in this one! I can’t stand it when he has long hair.

    Also, Jiang Kaitong looks really cute with braids, and Han Dong really should not dye his hair so light…

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