CCTV Spring Festival Gala pop culture preview


Featuring some of 2014’s hottest stars, CCTV might finally be up-to-date with the times.

We can officially mark 2015 as the year that CCTV finally gave in to pop. Here’s a preview of the pop entertainers of the Spring Festival Gala:

Li Yuchun will finally be on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Not only that, she’ll be the only pop singer so far announced to sing one of her own previous songs.  You can even follow along the translated lyrics here (see our foresight?)!  The all-your-theme-songs-are-ours duo of Jane Zhang and Zhang Jie will also perform an unspecified song.

For pretty young men, you can look forward to an act from  Wu Yifan (25), Lu Han (25), William Chan (29) , and swimmer Ning Zetao (21 and unfortunately clothed)  who’ll be singing songs they’re probably too young to be singing (My Ole’ Classmate, A Life With You, Those Flowers, and Brilliant Days respectively).      Facing them are the four beauties, Tong Liya, Qin Lan, Wang Likun, and Ma Su, who’ll be a classical Chinese dance together. The other three are all from highly regarded dance academies, but I’m not sure what Qin Lan is doing.

In the older and perhaps wiser men category, we have Zhang Fengyi (53), Duan Yihong (41), and Zhu Yawen (30) also singing a group act.  Zhu Yawen protests this grouping  because he’s only a year older than William Chan. Not singing with them, but instead doing a martial arts performance are Chang Chen and Wu Jing.

In the SAR/compatriot group, we see a high fulfillment of the Hong Kong quota (featuring G.E.M.,  Karen MokKelly Chen,Andy Lau, and the previously mentioned William Chan) but only one Taiwanese singer (David Tao) and no one from Macau. I guess no one pays attention to you if you’re not threatening to leave.

Traditional big shots, Na Ying,Sun NanHan Lei, and CCTV’s babies Alu Azhuo and September Miracle 玖月奇迹  also all get their own songs. Yu Quan, Phoenix Legend and Chopsticks Brothers will be performing in a song-switcheroo show. Actress Liu Tao is also in a skit.

Finally, in the harmonious family exhibit,  we have Tong DaweiGuan Yue and  Lu Yi, Bao Lei, and Bei’er.

So there you have it. With six singers from I am a Singer, 5 , four of China’s biggest young hits,  three Super Boys/Girl,  this is probably CCTV’s most up-to-date year so far in its pop entertainment genre, and the year where they gave up on creating new stars (but M.I.C. needs you!).

source: Sohu entertainment

11 thoughts on “CCTV Spring Festival Gala pop culture preview

  1. Four Beauties also cut. I like Tong Liya, but I’m kind of glad for this because they are, after all, probably not as good as the professionals.

    Also want to see the three mid-aged guys singing cut, please.

    • Is it really that dispute? Does SM really have that much influence over what goes on with CCTV? I thought it was just timing issues and really poor planning.

      • The Spring Gala is known for avoiding any type of potential controversy or controversial people. Phoenix Legend got cut a week before their performance because there were rumors of plagiarizing (later proven false). There were a lot of news last week about SM’s lawsuits against Luhan/Wu Yifan and companies that used them, so I think this would be the only reason for cutting them given that they are the most web-discussed show, and I’m pretty sure there are no timing issues with any of them since the show’s already been cut to the right length.

  2. Jane ZHang, ZHang Jie, and Kelly Chen have all been cut since they were a hour over :(
    I feel like if I were them, I would’ve cut one of the older artists since there are so many of them and their songs are long, and then make each of the four songs two duets from the four young bloods.

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