Dilireba revived by an angel in fantasy mystery


Sassy angels, spirits seeking reincarnation, a potential vampire, a hacker-turned-medium, but really mostly just a lot of pretty and a romance at heart.

Revived by angel after her murder right before her wedding, Dilireba‘s character must solve her own murder before the clock runs out for reincarnation (that is how angels work, right?)   Along the way is ex-boyfriend and potential vampire Merxat, her fiance and potential baby daddy(?) Yang Xunwen, and his adopted sister and skilled hacker played by Yang Chengcheng.

Backlight of Love” is yet another Yu Zheng- QQ Entertainment drama and airs an episode each on Mondays and Tuesdays. The first two episodes are a huge improvement from his previous net stuff. I especially like how each episode ends on a cliffhanger.  Watch the drama trailer below.

3 thoughts on “Dilireba revived by an angel in fantasy mystery

  1. This kind of sounds like one of those dramas so over-stuffed with Drama that it’s just inane. But parts of it’s premise don’t sound /all/ that bad. And diversity…

    • I skimmed through the first two episodes, and it’s actually pretty decent for an idol drama. There’s not too much going on, the pace is good, and Dilireba and the angel are cute (although Merxat really needs acting lessons…). It was a pleasant surprise after how disappointing both of Tang Yan’s dramas were.

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