Ban Shu Legend releases more stills

The gig is up, Yu Zheng. Time to give other dramas a chance.

Ban Shu Legend has released more stills.  Watch as Jing Tian, Zhang ZhehanLi Sheng, Li Jiahang,  Fu Xinbo, Li Xin’ai, and Deng Sha take on foreign diplomacy, court politics, and the struggles of young love during the Eastern Han dynasty.  I guess we can only watch and see if Yu Zheng learns.

More stills below the cut.

I love you for what you are.  Not for all the make-up Yu Zheng splotched on your face.

… kinda just want to watch to find out how we get to this scene…

… or this one… O_O

This is your weather forecast.  Today, we can expect photo-shopped skies…

Romantic rendezvouses in the palace between non-royal family members: A good idea since never.

Wait.  Those lamps on either side of the still remind me of The Empress of China…

Either he’s putting this drama off because the story is copied off of something else…

… or he’s just trying to avoid the awkward process of promoting this drama…

6 thoughts on “Ban Shu Legend releases more stills

  1. eh i used to anticipate this drama….but now not really
    apparently Zhang Zhehan’s role sucks…..his character is kinda not fun and not mary sue at all, which to some might be a good thing, but to the drama’s target audience is horrible
    and obvs all the copyright shit Yuzheng is in, i wouldd put this drama off for later
    but not for too long…or else the scenes and technology would get outdated….jing tian is pretty nonetheless and i would like to see her in pretty clothes

  2. 0kuo0 actually wrote this post a while ago, and somehow I had overlooked it until last week, so I take all the blame for the fact that these stills were released several months ago…

    • It’s fine. You don’t have to… I think I removed the stills and redid the post a few times too in between. DX

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