Zhong Kui releases posters, MV by Jiekejunyi,Liu Huan


Impressive CGI combined with a strong cast of Li BingbingChen Kun, Yang Zishan, and Jiekejunyi bring alive the fantastical world of Zhong KuiSnow Girl and the Dark Crystal.  I was actually picturing this to be more like A Chinese Ghost Story, but the trailers and MV makes it look so much more epic. The CGI here is several steps up from previous major fantasy films like Painted Skin.

Watch the MV by Jiekejunyi and Liu Huan below and be pleasantly surprised.

JIekejunyiYang Zishan

4 thoughts on “Zhong Kui releases posters, MV by Jiekejunyi,Liu Huan

  1. Looks like another film that relies too much on CGI. Disappointed with the questionable western looking outfits and hats worn by Li Bingbing.

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