2015 films preview

From animations 5 years in the making to comedies shot in 3 days, 2015 brings a bigger range of films than ever.

From animations 10 years in the making to comedies shot in 3 days , 2015 brings a bigger range of films than ever. But the real questions is, how many of their minutes are solid?

An incomplete list of films distributed in 2015 announced so far by the big five, which covers over half of the distribution market share in China.

I ignored a couple that had little to no information on story/production/cast and/or children’s films that you probably don’t care about.

Angelababy, Bai Baihe, Lin Gengxin, Jing Boran, and Amber Kuo seem to be the breakout young actors among the list.  Adaptations are even more popular, especially in the youth category, with two competing film versions of My Sunshine alone.  While popular series like Tiny Times 4.0 continues, we also see  the beginning of four new series – Zhong Kui, The Ghouls, The Lost Tombs, and the first major animation-live action film Monster Hunt. I was the most excited by animation Big Fish, one of an increasing number of animations for older audiences,  finally finding a distributor.

Which films are you looking forward to the most?

Wanda Pictures

Crazy New Year’s Eve 一路惊喜
Director: Eva Jin Yimeng
Cast: Amber Kuo/Jam Hsiao/Zhao Liying/Rhydian Vaughan

Running Man the movie 奔跑吧!兄弟
Cast: Angelababy/Wang Baoqiang/Li Chen/Chen He/Zheng Kai

Get Away Mr. Tumour 消失吧!肿瘤君, based on the comic of the same name
Director: Han Yan
Cast: Bai Baihe/Daniel Wu

Chinatown Detectives 唐人街探案
Director: Chen Sicheng
Lead: Wang Baoqiang/Liu Haoran

 A Hero or Not :Jianbing Man 煎饼狭
Director: Dapeng
Cast: Dapeng/Yuan Shanshan/Liu Yan

Let’s get married 咱们结婚吧
Director: Liu Juan
Cast: Gao Yuanyuan/Jiang Wu/Li Chen/Hayden Bea/Liu Tao/Zheng Kai/Chen Yihan

Monster Hunt
Director: Xu Chengyi
Cast: Bai Baihe/Jing Boran/Jiang Wu/Wallace Chung/Sandra Ng

Murder like Life 谋杀似水年华, based on the suspense novel of the same name.
Director: Fruit Chan
Cast: Angelababy/Ethan Ruan/Hao Lei

Zhong Kui- Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal
Cast: Li Bingbing/Chen Kun/Yang Zishan/Jiekejunyi/Bao Bei’er

My Youth 我的春梦
Director: Hao Jie
Cast: Bao Bei’er/Sun Yi

Helios 赤盗
Director: Liang Lemin/Lu Jianqing
Cast: Jacky Cheung/Cheng Jiahui/Yu Wenle/Chang Chen

Burning Cloud 火烧云
Director: Pan Anzi
Cast: Lin Gengxin/Zhang Jingru

The Ghoul 鬼吹灯
Director: Wu’ershan
Chen Kun/Huang Bo/Shu Qi/Angelababy

Bona Film Group
Man from Macau 2 澳门风云2
Director: Wong Jing
Cast: Chow Yun-fat

Bride Wars 新娘大作战
Director: Tony Chan
Cast:Angelababy/Ni Ni/Chen Xiao

The Emperor’s Vacation 爸爸的假期
Director: Wang Yuelun
Cast: Jimmy Lin/Zhang Liang/Guo Tao/Wang Yuelun/kids

Insanity 暴疯语
Director: David Lee
Cast: Lau Ching Wan/Huang Xiaoming/Alex Fong

Murmur of The Hearts 念念
Director: Zhang Aijia
Cast: Lawrence Ko/Isabella Leong

I am Somebody 我是路人甲
Director: Er Dongsheng
Cast: Hengdian

The Dead End 烈日炽心
Director: Cao Baoping
Cast: Deng Chao/Duan Yihong/Guo Tao/Wang Luodan

Sword of the Third Master 三少爷的剑
Er Dongsheng
Cast: Lin Gengxin/Jiang Mengjie/Peter Ho/Jiang Yiyan

Enlight Media
Triumph in the Skies II 冲上云霄 II
Director: Wilson Yip/Matt Chow
Cast: Louis Koo/Francis Ng/Amber Kuo

The Ghoul 鬼吹灯
Director: Wu’ershan
Chen Kun/Huang Bo/Shu Qi/Angelababy

Zhong Kui- Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal
Cast: Li Bingbing/Chen Kun/Yang Zishan/Jiekejunyi/Bao Bei’er


Hollywood Adventures 横冲直撞好莱坞
Director: Timothy Kendall
Cast: Zhao Wei/Huang Xiaoming/Tong Dawei

Europa Adventures 横冲直撞欧罗巴
Director: Timothy Kendall

Qin’s Moon 2 秦时明月2

Lost in Hong Kong 港囧, a Xu Zheng sequel to the popular Lost in Thailand.

Mermaid 美人鱼
Director: Stephen Chow
Cast: Stephen Chow, Deng Chao, Lin Yun, Show Luo

Devil Angel 恶棍天使
Director: Deng Chao

Left Ear 左耳
Director: Su Youpeng
Cast: Ou Hao/Chen Duling/Yang Yang

Walking by Your Entire World 从你的全世界路过, based on the book of the same name by Zhang Jiajia
Director: Zhang Yibai

Big Fish 大雨海棠 (!)
Director: Liang Xuan

A Journey Through Time with Anthony 陪安东尼度过漫长岁月
Producer: Zhou Xun
Cast: Liu Chang

Hourglass 沙漏, by Shao Xueman (Left Ear)
Ancient Sword the movie 古剑奇谭
The Lost Tombs the movie 盗墓笔记
Laughing in the Wind 笑傲江湖
Eastern Palace 东宫, by the author of Sealed With a Kiss
Shaolin Temple 少林寺
Whose Youth Isn’t Lost 谁的青春不迷茫, based on the autobiography by Liu Tong
My Sunshine 何以笙箫默, adapted by author Gu Man

Huayi Brothers

Lost and Love 失孤
Director: Peng Sanyuan
Cast: Andy Lau/Jing Boran

The Ghoul 鬼吹灯
Director: Wu’ershan
Cast: Chen Kun/Huang Bo/Shu Qi/Angelababy

The Death of Romance 旧社会/罗曼蒂克消亡史/浮生如梦
Director: Cheng Er
Cast: Zhang Ziyi/Ge You/Yuan Quan/Gillian Chung

Dragon Blade 天将雄师
Cast: Jackie Chan/Adrien Brody/John Cusack

Rock Tibetan Mastiff 摇滚藏獒
Director: Zheng Jun

Only You 命中注定
Director: Zhang Hao
Cast: Liao Fan/Tang Wei

Experimental Class 少年班
Director: Xiao Yang
Cast: Zhou Dongyu/Sun Honglei/Wang Yuexin

Fading Wave 老炮儿
Director :Guan Hu
Cast: Feng Xiaogang/Zhang Hanyun/Liu Ye/Li Yifeng/Wu Yifan

New York! New York! 纽约纽约
Direcotr: Luo Dong
Cast: Ethan Ruan/Du Juan

The Season of Blooming 栀子花开
Director: Huang Lei
Cast: Li Yifeng/Zhang Huiwen/Jiang Jinfu

Tale of Three Cities 三城记
Cast: Tang Wei/Liu Qingyun/Jing Boran

LeVision Pictures (LeTV)

Where are we going? Dad 2
Cast: Lu Yi/Huang Lei/Yang Wei/Gary Cao/kids

Tiny Times 4.0 小时代 4
Director: Guo Jingming
Cast: Yang Mi/Amber Kuo/Chen Xuedong/Kai Ko

My Sunshine the film 何以笙箫默
Cast: Yang Mi/Huang Xiaoming/Tong Dawei/He Sui/Exo Tao/Xie Yilin

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30 thoughts on “2015 films preview

  1. Is it normal to make variety/reality shows into movies? I remember a while back they made a Where Are We Going, Dad? movie. I wonder what the format is like, because I can not imagine a Kim Kardashians movie *cringe*

    • But the Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus “documentary” movies all did really well. ;b

      I think in general, people just like to make whatever they think can sell into movies. We even have movies that are based on songs or MV’s ( Chi Zi Hua Kai and My Ol’ Classmate). China’s had a number of hugely successful variety shows in the past couple of years, and so they all tried to bank on it with varying degrees of success. Last year, Super Boys and The Voice also made movies, but they both flopped. I hear Running Man is doing decent so far in the box office.

  2. For a second there I actually thought you meant two movie versions of my sunshine lol. Anyway looking forward to the movie version, lots of big name stars in it ^^

    • There are two movie versions of My Sunshine. LeTV version that has already started filming with Yang Mi/Huang Xiaoming, and the Enlight version (although this one doesn’t even have a script yet and Enlight only brought the rights in November).

      • OMG really?? Wow, that’s a bit too much don’t you think? Especially since there’s already a drama version AND another movie version.

        • I don’t really know what went on, but it sounded like based on the statements from the three parties that Enlight didn’t know that LeTV was going to submit the film proposal a month before their contract ended, so Enlight had planned for their version to be the only version. My guess is that LeTV didn’t think Gu Man would be so quick about reselling the rights, and probably had hoped that once their proposal was approved (i.e. no one else can’t make any film of the same name in three years), Gu Man wouldn’t be able to sell it to anyone else. Little did they know that Gu Man had already made a deal, and that LeTV’s announcement was too late to stop any new deals. There’s a chance that Enlight may never make the film depending on how the LeTV version does.

  3. *legasp*

    Murmur of The Hearts 念念
    Director: Zhang Aijia
    Cast: Lawrence Ko/Isabella Leong

    Isabella Leong is making a comeback?

    That and Lost and Love 失孤. I can’t even think of watching any 2015 when I’m still playing catch up with 2014 movies.

  4. I feel as if Da Hai has been in the works for a really, really long time now…
    But B&T only signed up with Studio Mir—the Korean animation house that did Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra—in May last year. And Studio Mir is doing most of the main production.
    So the government spends millions of dollars on boosting the local animation industry, and instead the studio just uses the money to outsource production. = _ =

    Oh well. I’m still looking forward to it. It would be a big step forward for the local industry.

    • That’s unfortunate. I know they tried to crowdfund it in 2013, do you know if the money of the crowd funding went to Korea? Because I feel like people would not be happy about that…
      It’s really frustrating because from what I read from I think Zhang Yimou, working with Korean tech teams are the least beneficial because they are more protective and won’t let the home production work with them and learn. Except all the newer Korean drama and variety coproduction come with requirements to use Korean production teams, which is pretty terrible for the Chinese side in terms of development.

      • I really don’t understand all this urge from chinese to co-work with koreans nowadays. Sometimes it even pisses me a lot. I mean I don’t find Korean drama, movies or animations something outstanding. If chinese want to learn something for movie/animation industries I would say go for american and japanese instead
        and learn from the best.

        • I understand it in some parts, but when a reality show is using a Korean team to do it’s music and sound effects, that’s just weird because a lot of music is used for humor, and humor does not translate well. Or if they’re getting a Korean director to film a Three Kingdoms drama…

          I want to say that it was Zhang Yimou who was talking about he prefers to use American teams because they are willing to let Chinese teams work alongside them.

            • I got it mixed up. The Ancient Sword team is doing a Korean-collab adaptation of Fengshen Bang with a Korean director, and Lin Gengxin/SNSD’s Yoona/Kim Jeong Hoon are starring in a Three Kingdoms drama that’s a Korean collaboration… Lin Gengxin plays Zhao Yun.

        • In terms of traditional animation, the Korean industry is probably the best in the world. On budgets that most Chinese productions can afford, at least (it is a bit different when you’re on nine-figure, Disney budget).

          But the entire Da Hai project is flawed, I think. It started out as a Flash animation for the guy while he was in college, and he’s been working on it ever since, with no movie-making experience. It’s become too much of his baby. They need to hire an experienced, objective producer to oversee it. But there isn’t anyone with that experience in animation in China. So, yeah, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to hire some talent from Japan in this case.

  5. Also why are there two versions of My Sunshine? I thought you could only sell copyright once, at least if I was the buying side I would put in a clause to state that for the same medium you need to sell it exclusively.

    • It was kind of a mess… My understanding is that LeTV had the rights until November, and managed to pass it through SARFT by October and begun filming this month. Gu Man, however, sold the new rights to Enlight …

      • Well hopefully the movie is better than the drama – I gave up watching after episode 12, it was way too slow and I couldn’t stand the leads anymore (does it get any better?)

        • Nope, it stays pretty slow. It’s cute and all, and Wallace and Tang Tang have good chemistry, but I definitely watched it on fast speed. lol.

  6. the Big Fish preview is stunning! I really dont know anything about the Chinese animation industry/films, any chance you could do a post on it sometime?

    • Well it depends on wich kind of chinese animations are you interested. Chineses produce tons of animations per year but just a very tiny part of it worth to watch.
      The most successful 3D animations are:
      秦时明月 aka the legend of Qin. The fifth season is broadcasting now. One episode per month.
      纳米核心 aka Nanocore. Six episodes are out. It’s from CAS studio. These guys have a lot of potential. They are working also one 苍龙暗影 aka The sign of dragon. The teaser is really wow!
      画江湖之不良人Technically speaking is just average but the story is really good specially if you like the Wuxia genre.
      龙之谷 aka the dragon nest. It’s a 3D movie of a korean MMORPG franchise I believe…
      As for 2D’s animations there’re mostly funded by internet channel like QQ, Bilibili, Acfun, U17 etc…
      I’ll suggest (mostly are in Japanese Anime style):
      橹时代 aka Lu’s time. It’s really well animated from the second ep).
      十万个冷笑话 aka Ten thousand bad jokes. It’s really funny.
      昨日青空 it’s just a PV for now but it seems will become a movie soon. It’s from Seven Stones a studio that have released a lot of good PV’s but none of them have become a full work actually. So….
      Batman in Shanghai a short from a team called Wolf smoke. Really oustanding. I suggest you to watch also other works in their YT Channel.
      魁拔 trilogy movie from Vasoon.

      I think the greatest problem for the chinese animation industry is the lack of funds.

      • Thanks for all this! Do you have a link to 苍龙暗影’s teaser? I tried googling it and couldn’t find anything. I like CAS’ animation a lot, but the Nanocore plot is still all over the place …
        I believe Enlight also picked up 昨日青空, so hopefully they’ll do something with it.

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