Weibo Wednesday: January 28, 2015

Ni Ni with a koala for Wonderful Friends show

倪妮V: 下周六首播,我和我“奇妙的朋友”,等的好捉急@奇妙的朋友官微

It’s Ni Ni with a koala! Beautiful + cute, no? If you want to see her interact with more animals, check out Hunan TV’s new reality show Wonderful Friends (奇妙的朋友). The first episode, which you can watch on YouTube, aired on January 24.

Other celebrities on the show include Li Yuchun, Myolie Wu, Du Haitao (the Happy Camp host), Huang Xuan, and Calvin Tu (Wei Hai in the Tiny Times movies).

Next Saturday, watch me and my “wonderful friends,” I’m so anxious with waiting

Jing Boran admiring himself in the mirror

井柏然: 爱你.

Jing Boran is getting a head’s start on Valentine’s Day by expressing his love for… himself. lol. His next project, the drama Love Across Millennia (相爱穿梭千年) with Zheng Shuang, will air on Hunan TV starting February 15. He also has a movie opening in theaters on March 20: Lost and Lonely (失孤), in which he’ll star as Andy Lau‘s abducted son.

Love you.

Qi Wei and Nathan Lee celebrate birth of daughter

戚薇: Surprise[耶]。。。生好了,升级了[转发]。。。Lucky Lucky oh my Lucky Lucky baby,so Lucky you&me(别说我没有偷偷告诉你们哦!)。。。[偷笑][偷笑][偷笑] // 李承铉: 妈咪用手,你用脚是吗?[good]……这个见面礼爸比收下了,能被你们“欺负”,将是我这辈子最大的幸福[太阳]……Finally, so nice to meet you… My little queen— “Lucky”! [男孩儿]Daddy & [女孩儿]Mommy Loves YOU…[心][心]

Qi Wei and husband Nathan Lee welcomed the arrival of their daughter, who was born in California on January 16. They’ve been calling her “Lucky,” which is hopefully just a nickname… to me, it just brings to mind that Top Combine song.

Nathan Lee: Mommy uses her hands [to hit me], you use your feet? Daddy will accept this gift of greeting. It will be greatest happiness this lifetime to be “bullied” by both of you… Finally, so nice to meet you… My little queen — “Lucky”! Daddy & Mommy Loves YOU…
Qi Wei: Gave birth, got promoted… Lucky Lucky oh my Lucky Lucky baby, so Lucky you&me (don’t say that I didn’t tell you all in secret!)…

He Jiong the same height as Han Geng?

何炅: @韩庚 分享给我这张照片,说重点是我们俩一样高。我感到了一些快乐。不知道这种感觉真不真实……

He Jiong showed off a photo of him and Han Geng, which he is ecstatic about because it looks like they’re the same height. He Jiong is supposedly about 5’7″, while Han Geng should be 5’11”.

Han Geng shared this photo of him. The important thing is that we’re the same height. I felt a little happiness. I don’t know if this feeling is real…

Chen Qiao'en talks about her husband

陈乔恩: 我每天約會的對象叫「工作」,我老公的名字叫「工作」,我親蜜的另一半是「工作」~今年~我又嫁給了工作[男孩儿][女孩儿][喜][去旅行]這種甜蜜也是醉了~

Chen Qiao’en introduces us to her husband… work. Girl, we know how you feel. Exciting news, though — it looks like Cruel Romance (锦绣缘华丽冒险), her Republican-era drama with Huang Xiaoming, will be getting a release in either early March or late February. No official word from the production or from the TV channel, but either way, it will air on Hunan TV after The Legend of Fragrance finishes its run. Crossing my fingers that this news is true this time.

My date every day is “work.” My husband is called “work.” My sweet other half is “work.” This year~I got married again to “work.” This kind of sweetness is also intoxicating~

Jimmy Lin cosplaying as Superman

夢想家林志穎: 出发工作去

I always knew Jimmy Lin was secretly Superman! Haha jk. His movie Emperor Holidays (爸爸的假期), the latest spin-off film from the popular Where Are We Going? Dad reality show, hits theaters on February 19.

Setting off for work

Yang Mi in between Guo Jingming and Chen Xuedong at Weibo Night

杨幂: 可以把中间碍事的人p掉

Yang Mi plays third wheel to Guo Jingming and Chen Xuedong at Sina’s Weibo Night. She’s playing Zhao Mosheng in the movie adaptation of Silent Separation (何以笙箫默), which was previously adapted into a TV drama starring her bff Tang Yan.

The movie will also reunite Yang Mi with her fellow Tiny Times cast member Xie Yilin, as well as Return of the Condor Heroes star Huang Xiaoming. (Yeah, that was way back in 2006, but they had mad chemistry already then and they weren’t even playing a couple, so I have high hopes for the movie. *shifty eyes*). Also joining them is Tong Dawei and model He Sui.

Can we Photoshop out the person being of hindrance in the middle?

Guo Jingming spams his Weibo audience

郭敬明: 忘记上一条微博吧,朋友们,我长这样!这才是real正确的画风!MAN CRY!(为了2015好好工作,我决定把一年份的微博今晚都发掉[doge][doge][doge][doge])

On January 25, Guo Jingming updated three times in a row with random pretty pictures of himself. (Not that we’re complaining lol.) This is his reason:

I forgot to upload one Weibo post. Friends, I look like this! This is actually the real, correct drawing style! MAN CRY! (In order to work responsibly during 2015, I have decided to post a year’s worth of Weibo entries this evening.)


Tian Liang reveals another glimpse of Cindy‘s athletic abilities as she starts doing pull-ups on clothing racks. Tian Liang and wife Ye Yiqian are currently on the variety show On The Road With You (一路上有你).

The elementary school girl wants dad to go and play with her. I said I’m busy so play inside, so Cindy took over the costume auntie’s clothing rack…

Lin Gengxin, who’s starring as the eponymous hero in the drama Zhao Zi Long (武神赵子龙), wraps up this round-up with a hilarious observation about life.

Lin Gengxin: Going to the bathroom while wearing an ancient costume is even harder than giving birth.

Netizen response has mostly been, “How would you know?” lulz. One of Weibo’s related hashtags was even “selfie in the bathroom” (#厕所自拍照#). Too bad Lin Gengxin didn’t include a selfie, but I guess that’d make going to the bathroom even more difficult!

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  1. Qi Wei had a baby?! I feel like it was not long ago that she just got married. But congrats anyway – she’s going to be one very pretty girl.

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