“Legendary Di Renjie” releases another trailer

This is historical period-discrimination!!  You can’t make ALL Tang dynasty dramas have big heads!!

Legendary Di Renjie, starring Ren Jialun, Kan Qingzi, Andy Chen Yi, Jiao Junyan, and Theresa Fu. has released another trailer because one is not enough.  Watch and let me know how many props from other dramas you can spot.  So far, I am seeing some pieces from Ruby Lin’s own Young Detective Dee and even a piece from The Empress of China.  What else can you spot?

More stills below the cut.

… and we’re treading into dangerous waters here…

… and get ready for more big heads…

*whine* … but we don’t have any other choice since most of this is already under wraps…

It’s not like every scene’s going to be conveniently covered up…

… though we’re all going to be wondering where that light is coming from for this one…

I don’t mean to be rude, dude, but your neck-line is getting pretty low too…

So I guess we WILL have some normal shots… It’s just that everybody in the PALACE will have a big head.

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