Tang Yan Takes Over January with Double Drama Release

Tang Yan looking gorgeous in gorgeous dresses next to gorgeous men.

January marks the release of two highly anticipated dramas starring Tang Yan: My Sunshine (何以笙箫默) and Lady & Liar (千金女贼). My Sunshine will begin airing today, January 10, and is scheduled to finish its run near the end of the month, just in time for the premiere of Lady & Liar, which will start its broadcast on January 27.

Based off a novel of the same name, My Sunshine stars Tang Yan and Wallace Chung as ex-university-sweethearts whose paths have not crossed for seven years. The series recently unveiled its ending theme song, “Why Love” (何以爱情,) performed by Wallace Chung. It’s uploaded to Croton Media’s official YouTube channel, which will hopefully have episodes of My Sunshine available in a timely fashion.

If its promotional posters are anything to judge by, Tang Yan’s next drama, Lady & Liar (also known as The Lady & The Liar), will certainly be a feast for the eyes. This time, Tang Yan will play an heiress who goes missing and has her identity stolen by a crafty thief. The drama also features Hawick Lau, Yang Rong, and Tony Yang.

Despite having gone several months without any news, Lady & Liar surprised fans with a broadcast date of January 27, as well as beautiful new posters playing with the idea of black and white sides of the same card.

And although this one doesn’t have an airing date yet, Tang Yan’s The Legend of Fragrance (活色生香), in which she is romanced by Li Yifeng, revealed its opening theme a few days ago. The song is titled “The Fragrance of Love” (恋香) and is performed by Yu Kewei, whose voice you may recognize from the soundtracks of dramas like The Fierce Wife, Office Girls, and Legend of the Ancient Sword, as well as the movie adaptation of Tiny Times.

28 thoughts on “Tang Yan Takes Over January with Double Drama Release

  1. Watching Lady and the Liar.
    I never liked Tang Yan very much, and now I’m skipping most of her scenes if Yang Rong isn’t in them. ,,,Though to be fair, I don’t like Yang Rong’s /character/ very much either. The whole thing reminds me of the Love of Three Lifetimes (I haven’t bothered to learn the name of the servant girl who was “Da Rong”), and there’s really not enough character development.

    • Eh, it’s definitely starting to drag. I really liked how it started — the level of drama was right up my alley, but now that Tang Yan and Yang Rong’s characters are constantly interacting, it’s just become petty bullying.

      Maybe I’m just waiting for Tony Yang to return… >.<

  2. Grown up My Sunshine is sooo slow and awkward … I know Mosheng’s suppose to be older, more mature, and had a magical make-over to look like Tang Yan, but I feel like she should at least retain some of her fun from her childhood. We only need one member of the couple to be completely devoid of personality (yeah, you, He Yichen)

    I was hoping this could give Tang Yan a breakthrough from her usually fun roles, but her treatment of this character was completely flat. It didn’t help that the script didn’t add anything to the novella and didn’t at all try to build up the characters.

    Hopefully her other two dramas will be better.

    • I liked the flashback episodes of when they were young more than I do the main story. Also I feel like they could have totally used Tang Yan and Wallace Chung play 18 year old versions of themselves, both of them can act incedibly young (although the young leads were cute too)

      • I agree. If I were Tang Yan, I would’ve fought to be the younger one, too. She can totally pull off the cuteness, and the younger Mosheng is much more likable.

      • I think they cut out some of the scenes in the book where older Mosheng is being cute e.g. when talking to her co-workers about playing a prank on her American boss. She’s only really awkward around Yichen – which just so happens to be most of the scenes in the drama.

        Lol, I actually look forward to the flashbacks scenes more than the main ones.

        • I look forward to Yang Le – Milu scenes the most XD
          So I went back and reread parts of the original novel, and the novel clearly says that in the supermarket scene, the first thing he could see was the mischieviousness in her eyes. Nope, not there.

    • Uggggh I know. I was annoyed when the backstory episodes happened, because it was basically just an hour of backstory, which usually kills the pacing. But when the story went back to grown-up Yichen and Mosheng, it wasn’t any more interesting. They are a really boring non-couple. And yeah, I also felt the personality change between uni Mosheng and current Mosheng was very drastic… like she’d been away for 15+ years, not seven.

      Looks like Legend of Fragrance will be airing February 1 on Hunan TV. They’re really cramming in Tang Yan’s drama releases.

  3. I just started watching My Sunshine….Am I hallucinating or is the younger version of Wallace’s character is played by LEO from JL??!

    • OMG it is him! I didn’t even recognize him.
      Also, the younger girl is really cute! She would’ve been cute as Fang Hui with Yang Le, who needs to have more scenes and be a lead in a real drama!

  4. I am new ro Cdramas, so my first time watching Tang Yan was in “Perfect Couple,” which i thought her acting was quite sloppy. It seem as though she is well liked as an actress, so i am wondering if she have had better performances? And, this is not meant to be mean or an insult, as I am fond of her, but has anyone ever talked about how skinny she is? Her legs are extremely thin. Is it by choice or does she have condition?

    • Tang Yan’s role in “Perfect Couple” was one of the sillier types, which she’s never been that good at. However, compared to other actresses, she manages to play silly girls without being too irritating, so I think that’s one reason she’s generally liked by the public. She seems to do fine with non-silly roles, though I’ve yet to be blown away by any of her performances.

      She’s always been fairly thin, but she went through a really bad breakup in early 2013 and got *super* skinny after that. But we have no way of knowing the exact correlation between those two things.

    • Most of her more successful dramas feature her in the more manga-styled school of acting with slightly exaggerated facial expressions, so if you didn’t like Perfect Couple, you probably won’t like her other stuff. I think she’s one of the few mainland actresses who have successfully gone that route, so she has a pretty good niche in that market.
      She’s on the skinny side, but she looks perfectly healthy to me.

      • Newish to c-dramas but am not a fan of tang yan. Couldnt finish perfect strangers (despite wallace huo!) and didnt like her in chinese paladin 3 either! I thot cuo dian yuan yang was better than perfect strangers and zhao li ying plays the cute spunky bubbly roles before

  5. Ahhh I’ve been waiting for Lady and the Liar for the longest time; I’m so glad they finally got an air date!!! Goodness, this is bad news for my grades this semester…

  6. There’s been an awful lot of switcheroos recently –
    Love of Three Lifetimes, Lady and the Liar, seems like Destined to Love You…(am I missing anything?)

    • I’m embarrassed to admit that I watched The Crossing Part 1 for Huang Xiaoming but ended up drooling over Tony Yang more. >.< (Even though Tony was only in, like, one scene. lol.)

  7. and gorgeous women! I love the poster of Tang Yan and Yang Rong. Super pretty dresses and super pretty people.

    Tang Yan has so many dramas airing this year. These three, the tomb-raiding drama, the tomb-raiding film, and the drama with Rain. I really hope her team steps it up and successfully promote her.

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