Weibo Wednesday: January 7, 2015

Happy 2015! A quick round-up this week — I expect that the next Weibo Wednesday will be several weeks from now, so enjoy your fill while you can.

Gao Yuanyuan, as posted by Mark Chao

HERO趙又廷: 別差評了 this is my wife

Mark Chao used the last few hours of 2014 to post a photo of his wife, Gao Yuanyuan. The couple officially got married at the end of November. Also of note is that Mark’s post was #1314 on his Weibo, which is significant because “1314” sounds like “all my life” in Mandarin.

Don’t criticize her. This is my wife.

Tony Yang, Shawn Dou, Ivy Chen in the Bu Bu Jing Xin movie

楊祐寧YOYANG: 阿哥殺青爺要走了,這種穿越覺得相當美好!@陳意涵 @窦骁 #新步步惊心#

Tony Yang has wrapped up filming for his part in the Bu Bu Jing Xin movie adaptation. Surprisingly, there hasn’t been any news on which princes he and Shawn Dou will be playing. Oh well, at least it looks like the boys and Ivy Chen had fun on set.

The prince has finished filming and is going to leave. This type of time traveling feels quite beautiful!

Tony Yang shaving his head for the Bu Bu Jing Xin movie

楊祐寧YOYANG: 阿哥最後一剃!#新步步惊心#

Tony also showed off his iPhone his very last shaving session for the movie. This is reportedly the first time Tony has gone bald for a role, and he recently shared that he’s looking forward to having his hair back.

The prince’s final shave!

Lu Yi falling asleep during daughter's piano lesson

陆毅: 看图说话:对牛弹琴

Actor Lu Yi, who celebrated his 39th birthday on January 6, shared a photo of himself at his daughter’s piano class. As she diligently listens to the teacher, he sits in the back… sleeping. Check out his hilarious caption:

Look at the pictures and tell us the story: casting pearls before swine*

* In Chinese, the equivalent for “casting pearls before swine” literally means “playing the qin (a type of instrument) for a cow.” While qin usually refers to the guqin, it’s also used in the word for piano (gangqin), so Lu Yi’s poking fun at himself here.

Yuan Hong supporting Lin Gengxin and Tong Liya

袁弘: 你们都得上班了吧,今天轮到我放假[嘻嘻]支持这两只@佟丽娅 @林更新

Yuan Hong dropped by the cinema to support Lin Gengxin and Tong Liya‘s newest movie, The Taking of Tiger Mountain (智取威虎山). Directed by Tsui Hark, the film is doing pretty well at the box office, being almost at the 700 million RMB mark as of yesterday.

You all have to work; now it’s my turn to get time off. Supporting these two animals. @Tong Liya @Lin Gengxin

Jing Boran and stuffed penguin plush

井柏然: 公明大人和他的暖宝宝.#相爱穿梭千年#

Jing Boran shared a cute photo of himself and his penguin plush in the upcoming movie, Love Through a Millennium (相爱穿梭千年). Previously known as Love Before History (爱在公元前), the film will also star Zheng Shuang and Chen Xiang.

Mr. Gong Ming and his warm baby.

Deng Chao poking fun at Sun Li in Legend of Miyue

邓超: 等等小花不怕不怕,爸爸在!

Hide yo’ children, everyone! Deng Chao posted a screencap from the newly released trailer of Legend of Miyue, which stars his wife Sun Li. In that scene, Sun Li is reacting in shock because her on-screen husband was just killed right in front of her, so her real-life husband wanted to reassure his two kids. lol. What a troll.

Dengdeng, Xiaohua, don’t be afraid, Dad is here!

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