The Imperial Doctress releases theme song

Speed dating candidates… with a twist.  At the end of the day, all the guys are interested in Liu Shishi…

A theme song has been released for Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo, and Huang Xuan‘s  The Imperial Doctress.  Here’s something to start the new year with!!

Couple more stills below the cut.

“…I like cooking… and cleaning… and this one time… at band camp……. HEY!! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!?”


“OF COURSE I’m pissed!!  Do you have ANY idea how humiliating it is just sitting on the side and afterwards, having to choose from her LEFTOVERS?!?”


2 thoughts on “The Imperial Doctress releases theme song

  1. Choosing from her leftovers – basically the life of all the side/suporting characters. Guys included! (Or: go for one that hte main lead would never be interested in, and who would be super unlikely to be go for the main lead)

    top and bottom captions made me snort, lol

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