The Legend of Miyue releases trailer

The number of girls with heavy eyeliner in this trailer is too damn high!!

This makes me feel a little bit better about all the fuss over The Empress of China and everything going on.  The Legend of Miyue has released a trailer.  Be prepared for more colorful costumes, revenge, darkening of character through eye-liner, and squirreling away of time for another drama behemoth, this time starring Sun Li, Liu Tao, Huang Xuan, Jiang Xin, Ma Su, Gao Yunxiang, Alex Fong, and… feathers… lots and lots of colorful feathers…

A couple more stills below the cut.

A trailer!!  A trailer!!  OMG!!  A trailer!!!

On the other hand, costume designers need to remember to start balancing the colorful and intricate costumes.  Keep the gaudiness in check or it’s going to start looking like period burlesque.



16 thoughts on “The Legend of Miyue releases trailer

  1. Can’t wait for this! Watched the trailer and I’m totally sold! Foreseeing that this will be my next crack drama hehe. Not used to Sun Li’s voice though, prefer the one in Legend of Zhen Huan.

  2. The costumes for Zhen Huan were nicer, but ultimately, this being Han costume will give it a boost for me ^^; (Comparatively, anyways – Zhen Huan’s costumes looked so good, compared to a lot of other Qing dynasty sets). Is Huang Xuan that guy who’s the 8th brother expy in the imperial doctress?

  3. I am looking forward to this! What a breath of fresh air. Sun Li acts way better than the overly hyped Fan bingbing in Empress of China

      • It depends on what you are interested in. I’m watching it and so far, its pretty good. Some of the characters could be… well… a tad better written imo and it’s started to slow a bit for me in the last couple episodes but on the whole so far, not bad. The costumes and production values are definitely a plus.

  4. Watching this for Liu Tao! Did not recognize Gao Yunxiang at all.
    Q: Why is it that in almost every historical female drama, the female gets betrayed by her best friend. Meanwhile, in most series featuring male leads, they always have a best bud who, while argues with them for a bit, in the end usually continues to support them in success?

    • That does happen to be the case recently… Maybe The Imperial Doctress will dispel at least the male part of it…

      • And the discrepancy in romance-rivals is pretty bad too. As someone else pointed out to me recently: Girl 2 is always back-stabbing and scheming to get Guy 1, but Guy 2 is often the “i love you (Girl 1) but I just want what’s best for you” noble sacrifice-role.

  5. Wow, I’m definitely tuning in. Sun Li is always great and the drama’s time period is a fascinating one. Pity Alex Fong couldn’t speak his lines in Mandarin.

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