Li Yifeng for Men’s Uno, GQ, GoCool


Li Yifeng is not only the breakaway actor of the year, but has also did a fashion turnaround, making him the new darling of magazines. As the first mainland actor since Feng Shaofeng to get so many big shoots after one drama, will he also have the talents to turn this into sustained stardom?

His upcoming series, The Legend of Fragrance 活色生香 with Tang Yan and William Chan is set to air during Chinese New Year.

1 thought on “Li Yifeng for Men’s Uno, GQ, GoCool

  1. He’s such a cutie… I actually was a “pedestrian fan” of his when he was in My Hero (but then again, I liked a lot of people from that show). I had wondered what happened to him, but he’s finally reached the level of popularity that I think he deserves.

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