“We got married” finally gets picked up in China

Need to get rid of your old ship? Looking for a new ship to fan? "We got married" is the place for you!

Need to get rid of your old ship? Looking for a new ship to sail to success? “We got married” is the place for you!

Even though it seems like every celebrity begun dating/marrying/having kids in the past two years, there are still a lot of single ones!  After a trial run two years ago, the popular Korean house-for-grown-ups show “We got married” has finally been picked up by a Chinese station to solve their problem of not having a good ship. Jiangsu TV has announced a collaboration with MBC to adapt the show this spring.

So the real question is … who would you like to see paired together? Ideally, we would want people who aren’t already ships together, and don’t have crazy ships whose fans will devour the other person alive.  Maybe Gulinazha and  Merxat to join  Yu Zheng and Tang Ren’s hands in marriage? 

P.S. The most up-voted three comments under Sina’s weibo as of writing are, in order,  Guo Jingming – Chen Xuedong, Lin Gengxin – Wang Sicong, and Li Yifeng – William Chan. …  Hey, if you’re going to do a remake, you might as well as innovate and break the heteronormativity!

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  1. But why keep remaking Korean shows? I can already watch WGM and there’s WGM World Edition or whatever that has Chinese celebrities too. Also remakes are just not as good as the original. I wish all these remakes and adaptions of variety shows and older dramas stop soon because it’s getting very boring.

    • I used to be super annoyed by remakes, but based on what happened with dramas, I think it’s a good thing. Remember a couple of years ago, when every drama was a remake? Nowadays, partly thanks to the Internet novel boom but also thanks to the much more developed production process for youth dramas, very few are remakes of foreign dramas. The new Jing Boran-Zheng Shuang is one of the few upcoming dramas I can think of that’s a remake.
      I’m hoping this will also be true with variety shows. As other television channels (in particular, Jiangsu and Zhejiang seems to be the up-and-coming channels) build up their own departments by first doing remakes, hopefully they’ll eventually form strong enough teams of their own to innovate more.

    • Chen Xuedong and Guo Jingming are a big ship now, partly because Wang Sicong re-posted a thread about it. There’s no definitive proof, although people did spot the two of them taking Chen Sicheng and Ximengzi out to the Shanghai aquarium.

  2. People I want to see on this and who I think fits the bill (not super big, supposedly single, would be fun on a show, would benefit from the promotions)

    Dilireba – Merxat!
    I feel like their personalities would make a really cute pair since he’s like a teddy bear and she’s like mini-Yang Mi

    Jing Boran – Shu Chang?
    I think of all the stars, Jing Boran can probably benefit the most from a show like this. He’s got a great personality and can totally pull off the lovey-dovey (cough, BoBO). Career-wise, he also wants people to stop associating him with Fu Xinbo/Wang Zhonglei. He’s actually super cute with Zheng Shuang, but they’re already collaborating.

    Chen Xuedong is also in the same boat, but I’ve been Weibo-washed into thinking that he might actually be dating Guo Jingming, in which case this wouldn’t work.

    Other candidates:
    Gao Weiguang
    Zhang Yunlong
    Li Zifeng
    Zhang Zhehan
    Bai Jugang
    Kimi Qiao
    Wei Qianxiang
    Xu Zhengxi

    • Totally agree about Jing Boran. Also with Chen Xuedong…did anyone else think that one episode of “First Grade” where he was having a candlelit dinner with Song Jia sounded like he was trying to make it seem “romantic”/confession-y but really it just felt really awkward? I think he’d be good in WGM, though.

      • It was really awkward, but it could totally work on a show like WGM. Also the rooftop party + heart-shaped eggs + the amusement park trip with Chen Sicheng would make so many fangirls squeal on WGM. And I bet if he went on it, he could take his “girlfriend” on an outing with Chen Sicheng, which make me want to squeal just thinking about it. >.<

        • I think the thoughts I had while watching it (the dinner) were literally along the lines of, “Dude, I think you’ve got the wrong show,” which, you know, would make him perfect for something like WGM.
          Although I love Chen Sicheng, I would think that it’d be better not to bring him on an outing with a fake girlfriend, because wouldn’t it just be introducing more temporary people in his life for him to get attached to and then miss later (and/or take away from their father/son time)? [The attachment thing is something I always worry about when there are celebrities taking care of (not their own) kids for variety shows.]

    • okay yes i have to admit all of these guys are great material and i would like to see them pairing up with girls their age
      and also i prefer actors…because if they are faking it at least they can do it somewhat convincingly
      once again the problem is that….these eligible ppl don’t really attract much of an audience….if a lot of money went into purchasing the rights for the variety show, there might not be much money left for promotional uses…. honestly nowadays pretty much anything can hit “interwebz fame” as long as sufficient weibo advertisement is made
      once again…why don’t they just get couples that are actually together to go on the show….like 翟天临江铠同 and the rumored 陈翔毛晓彤….

      • Jiang Kaitong and Zhai Tianlin would be cute. It’s funny because she was actually in a mini-drama where she was in a show like WGM. Also Li Sheng and Li Jiahang >.<

        I think they'll have a harder time convincing real couples, though. It's ridiculously hard to get rid of couples fans, and they'll both be labeled as heartless when they break up if they say and do all those lovey-dovey things on TV. At least with fake couples, they can say it's all acting. I don’t really know what will work, though, because I found WGM weird even when I was into k-entertainment.

        • lol K-WGM was kinda immature…..it reminds me of ….. like….idols that are unable to be on actual romance dramas goes on this show to attract OTP fans….
          this show better have the best publicity company in the industry to perform damage control when their ships get torn LOL

    • and yes jingboran and zhengshuang are so cute~ they need to like have a bloopers reel where both of them speaks 东北话 that wud be hilarious

  3. honestly i personally don’t think this is a good idea
    first of all the chinese entertainment industry isn’t as conservative as the korean industry (or more like there’s much less rabid fangirls whose life goal is to marry their gege), dating in the industry is perfectly fine and many fans are okay with it, so that fact alone defeats the entire purpose of having this show….why don’t the audience just watch actual couples instead of fake, awkward ones?
    second of all….the trial run made by shanghai TV 2 years ago didn’t exactly hit it off…that’s why they never picked up on the project again….also a similar show made by hubei TV had a viewer rating of around 0.7%….no where close to successful especially compared to Running Man that got 2.0%+….which is also why hubei TV never picked up that project again….
    and im not even considering the rabid fan wars this show might initiate. heck, by looking at the show’s track records, IT WOULD BE LUCKY for this show to garner at least some media attention through fan wars.
    ehhh….waste of $$ in my opinion…whatevs they are buying a lesson i guess

    • Tbh, I’ve always found the show a bit creepy because I find it hard to ship people who are clearly faking it …

      Hubei TV’s was bad, but it also had a super awkward cast. No one has a big fandom in mainland, two out of the three guys were assumed to be gay, and the last one doesn’t even speak Chinese (also an issue with the Dragon TV episodes). I really hope MBC entering this means they’re not going to make half the cast be Korean because it’s just awkward. At least Khuntoria could both speak passing Korean.

      Hopefully, if they both actually speak the language, and the show gets good advertising, it could be a great opportunity for young stars. I’m hoping for some of the young actors from Yang Mi/Yu Zheng/Tangren/Ruby Lin/etc. to go on this. It’s always good to have another show to showcase artists off-screen.

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