God of War aims for release


In the cut-throat environment of today, even historical figures are forced to bow their heads to the forces of popularity and chase the trends of yester-year.

God of War: Zhao Zilong looks to be releasing on January 21.  Starring Lin GengxinIm Yoona, Godfrey Gao, GulinazhaKim Jeonghoon, Zhao Hanyingzi, and Jia Qing, anyone interested in this drama can probably get a better look at the drama as promotional materials should start trickling through.

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Stills for Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World

I’ll just say that constipation, especially in the face of somebody you are interested in, can be a blessing…

Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World has released more stills while we wait for a trailer.  Starring Han DongjunGulnazar, Zheng YuanchangXiao Caiqi, and Jin Chen, these give us a better look into the relationships between the characters.

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Wang Kai for every magazine possible

26+ photoshoots in 2 months. Wang Kai must’ve broken some type of record.

In the last two months,  Wang Kai has managed to become one of the most prolific magazine models of 2015,  with photoshoots for  Harper’s BazaarHarper’s Bazaar Jewelry (cover), Marie ClaireMarie Claire Beauty (cover), L’Officiel Hommes (cover), Women’s Health,  Femina, Grazia/In advertorial, Trends Health, Christian Dior/Trends Health advertorial,  Elle MenGoldlion/Elle Men advertorialGQ, GQ/Septwolves advertorialEsquire, Robb Report, FamousSina, Sohu, Modern LadyCar, Beijing Youth,  Cosmopolitan, CosmoBride (unreleased, cover),  The Knot(unreleased, cover), and even National Geographic Travel.

He’s actually a decent model for an actor, and seems to be willing to be photographed from every angle.  Selected photoshoots below, with links to full photoshoots above. Which ones are your favorite?

Me when I see a new Wang Kai photoshoot.


Sinology Sunday: December 27, 2015

This week, we close off 2015 with more Han dynasty-inspired clothing.  This and next weeks’ photos come from a collection of different sources and I would have to spend way too much time trying to track down the name of all the sources.  Notice and enjoy some of the nice touches that people put into adapting and styling Han dynasty hanfu.

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War of Resistance: Qi Jiguang to air

I guess it will be refreshing to see a war drama now.

War of Resistance: Qi Jiguang is going to be released today, December 24.  Starring Zhu XiaoyuYan DanchenYu RongguangNi DahongLi LiqunHe BingShao FengJia NailiangYu Zhen, and Kenichi Miura, the story follows the story of the historical general during the Ming dynasty and his fight against the Wokou pirates.

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