Weibo Wednesday: December 31, 2014

Happy last day of the year! We hope that 2014 wraps up well for all of our Cfensi readers, and that 2015 will be an even better year! No earth-shattering news in this Weibo Wednesday round-up, but there are some cute animals and the usual pack of cute kids.

Crystal Liu Yifei with baby elephant

刘亦菲: 它太萌了我受不了

Crystal Liu Yifei hung out with a baby elephant at the beginning of the month. So adorable! Have another photo below the cut:

Liu Yifei with baby elephant

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy at the movies for Christmas

陈赫: 我觉得还是打我吧。。。[泪][泪][泪] //@angelababy:不告诉你,你打我呀[喵喵] //@黄晓明:圣诞节带我女票去看电影[害羞],看到最后男女主角在车里时,我女票遮住了我的眼睛[挖鼻屎]到底发生了什么?[喵喵]

Huang Xiaoming and girlfriend Angelababy made a trip to the cinema on Christmas in order to watch Love on the Cloud (微爱之渐入佳境), a romcon starring Angelababy and Chen He. For those interested, Love on the Cloud is actually having a limited release in North American theaters. Check out for theater information.

Huang Xiaoming: On Christmas, I took my girlfriend to the movies. At the end, when the male and female leads were in the car, my girlfriend covered my eyes. What exactly happened there?
Angelababy: I’m not going to tell you. So hit me.
Chen He: I think I should be the one to be hit…

Chen Qiao'en snuggling with giant teddy bear from Kimi Qiao

乔任梁: 圣诞不孤单、保养但就别保“重”了、产品用完吼一声、记得善待熊哥 // @陈乔恩:收工回到房間,收到了ㄧ個無敵巨型的聖誕禮物[震惊]。。感謝Kimi 叮噹聖誕老公公@乔任梁 [奥特曼][耶]每年都記得給我派禮物~[嘻嘻]有溫暖[心]但⋯辣~~~麼大ㄧ隻!![震惊][震惊][晕][晕]我該拿它如何是好。。。。太感人了,哭笑不得。。。。

What did you get for Christmas? Joe Chen Qiao’en got some skincare products, plus this adorable enormous teddy bear plush from Kimi Qiao, who didn’t want her to be lonely over the holidays. Earlier this year, Kimi admitted that Qiao’en was his goddess during promotions for their upcoming drama, Cruel Romance. Hm. Potential ship?

Joe Chen Qiao’en: When I got back to my room after work, I received a Christmas present of unparalleled enormousness… Thank you Kimi Doraemon Santa @Kimi Qiao. Every year, you remember to send me a present~ So warm but… hot~~~such a big one!! What should I dowith it… too touching, laughing and crying…
Kimi Qiao: Don’t be lonely during Christmas. Keep in good health, but not “heavily.”* Holler when you finish with the products, and remember to treat Brother Bear well.

* Here, Kimi is making a joke on the word baozhong (保重), which means “to take care of oneself” and is usually a polite thing to say when talking with someone. Literally, it can be taken to mean “to maintain heaviness,” so he’s using it to poke fun at the fact that Qiao’en is known for being a big eater.

Ivy Chen solving puzzles during the Qing Dynasty

陳意涵: 我老早就想有天可以在草地上拼圖了~哇哈哈哈哈,陽光,草坪,藍天,白雲~目前想不到更滿足的事

Puzzle junkie Ivy Chen can’t bear to be away from her beloved puzzles, so she brought them with her to the set of the Bu Bu Jing Xin movie adaptation. Time traveling at its finest!

A long time ago, I’d already thought that one day, I could solve my jigsaw puzzles on the lawn~ Mwahahahaha, sunlight, green lawns, blue skies, white clouds~ Can’t think of anything more satisfying at the moment


Vicki Zhao Wei holds her own with one of the most powerful women in the world – Hillary Clinton – at a United Nations event for the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

The WHO investigations explain that indoor air pollution is the fourth largest threat to worldwide health. Every year, 4 million people in the world die from air pollution; housewives and children suffer seriously from air pollution, and clean cookstoves and fuel are a pragmatic proposal to resolve this.

陈晓: #神雕晓画# 第二篇,@严屹宽 @董璇 之倾城,红眼睛幽幽地看着这孤城。。。[蜡烛]

The Romance of the Condor Heroes began airing this month to mixed reactions. We also recently found out, not only does Chen Xiao have a sexy singing voice, he can also draw! Over the past few weeks, he’s been posting some of his ROCH artwork on Weibo. Here’s one he drew of Yan Yikuan (Wang Chongyang) and Dong Xuan (Lin Chaoying).

There were some plagiarism accusations regarding the poses in one of his pieces, so Chen Xiao ended up deleting that one. Here’s a round-up of his other artwork, though. Guo Fu’s is pretty hilarious.

  • Link: Chen Xiang as Lu Zhanyuan, Viann Zhang Xinyu as Li Mochou
  • Link: Chen Xiao as Yang Kang, Zhao Liying as Mu Nianci
  • Link: Calvin Zheng Guoli as Guo Jing, Yang Mingna as Huang Rong
  • Link: Zong Fengyan as Ouyang Feng
  • Link: Rachel Mao Xiaotong as Guo Fu
  • Link: Wang Maolei as Zhao Zhijing
  • Link: Yin Xiaotian as Hong Qigong
Chen Xiao making condor face

陈晓: 其实雕让我演也可以。。。(顺便跟大家说下,#神雕晓画#也是周播,周一周二播,具体时间看心情[草泥马])

I haven’t gotten to the older Yang Guo bits in the series yet, but Chen Xiao also claims that in addition to the male lead, he can act out the condor lolol. See any resemblance?

Actually, it’d work if I were the condor too… (Also telling everyone, #Chen Xiao ROCH Drawings# is also a weekly release, with new ones on Mondays and Tuesdays. Specific times will depend on my mood)


Chen Xuedong shows off photos of himself and his newly adopted son from Grade OneChen Sicheng.

Got a son, I can do whatever I want!

Sun Li's son at Hengdian World Studios drama set

turbosun: 等等难得来一次横店,带他去我宫里转转[嘻嘻][嘻嘻][嘻嘻] @邓超

Sun Li took her son, Deng Dengdeng, to one of the imperial palace sets at Hengdian World Studios. Maybe he’ll have a cameo in the HBO adaptation of Legend of Zhen Huan? Haha, just kidding.

Dengdeng rarely comes to Hengdian, so I took him to the palace to stroll around

Cindy Tian Yucheng and little brother on vacation

田亮: 骑兵队伍又壮大了[馋嘴],不拿绳连上不好带啊……哥要不要也骑一只呢[思考]。

Any of y’all on vacation? Cindy Tian Yucheng and her younger brother are off having some fun with the family. Thus far, Tian Liang has yet to upload a full-face photo of his son, but we can bet he’s inherited the cute genes.

The cavalry troops have expanded again. If we don’t connect them with ropes, it’s hard to bring it along… Does big brother want to ride as well.

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  1. I am not a fan of HXM or Angelababy but they sound so cute on weibo! Hahahaha! Although I guess they’re trying to show off their love (I am always jealous when a couple gets lovey dovey, sad for singles like me, ha)

    • Well, they kept their relationship “secret” for quite a bit, so I guess they’re taking advantage of going public lol. They had a cute interaction during Dragon TV’s New Year’s show, which I personally thought was a bit over-the-top, but oh well.

  2. WoW What a gift?! Haha Kimi..Kimi.. Thats giant bear doll seriously too..Big! LOL =D
    He send Qiao En a gifts every year, so finally he want to get her attention? Hoho his goddes. Oh Oh he want to pursuing her? Yap Qiao En is adorable but Mingen forever!

  3. Yay! Thanks for the update :-) Been looking forward for your Weibo Wednesday posts hehe. Chen Xuedong & Chen Sicheng are so cute, I hope they won’t lose contact after the show ends.

    Happy new year and thanks again! :-)

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