Music Monday: Last Monday of 2014

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Good Morning Last Monday of 2014! Thanks idarklight for keeping Music Monday as consistent as possible! Here’s to consistency in 2015! …

Another cute acoustic song to add to my playlist. Really, I should just rename the playlist as My 徐良 Xu Liang. His new album 《我》, a composite of ten duets, features a different female artist on each song, from Guo Jing to Happy Camp’s Wu Xin. Seriously! How does this happen? I Will Be OK features Xiao Yan Zi 李晟 Li Chen.

Staying true to his geeky humor original style, 金韩一 Jin Hanyi’s 摩登女郎 Modern Girl MV is a mashup of 007-seduction-in-a-bar and graphic novel plot line. (tho I’m not sure why wiggly worms is present…) This new single is from his first full length album 《AM 00:01》, released under HK-based 太阳娱乐文化 Sun Entertainment Culture Ltd.

I wonder if Jin Hanyi had to go back to Korea to serve his mandatory military service? Because he did seem to disappear for almost 2 years… Or maybe he was just networking behind-the-scenes for those two years?

Arcadia by Shanghai-based glam-rock/visual kei band Lilith. Sooooo much prettiness… and hair gel… and eye-liner… Maybe Lilith will start a glam-rock/visual kei wave in cpop?

Perfectly beautiful 魏晨 Wei Chen with his perfectly beautiful hair seducing you with those perfectly beautiful eyes. ♫ All I want to Christmas is a Wei Chen by my side ♫ Lucky MV model… 你身边的 By Your Side is the second single from Wei Chen’s new Mini Album 《帽子戏法》 Hat Trick.

Two years after the release of his debut single, 李炜 Li Wei is back with his second full length album 《脱胎换骨》 REMOLD. The album also features Li Wei’s first attempt in composition one single titled 暗夜启示录 Dark Revelation, written and composed by Li Wei.

eeMedia’s resident martian 华晨宇 Hua Chenyu analyzes the behaviors of odd creatures known as humans in the single Why Nobody Fights, from his first album 《卡西莫多的礼物》 Quasimodo’s Gift.

魏一宁 Wei Yining of HNTV Superboys fame, refused to give up on his dream no matter how many time he was rejected/denied. When I first heard 小心我外婆 Take Care Grandma I thought this song was about the frustration he felt while pursuing his dream. But apparently, the MV is telling us that it’s really about a girl who loves wine… or am I interpreting this wrong? The MV is nothing special but <3 the song. Highly recommend his debut EP 《WEI》.

See you all next year! :)

12 thoughts on “Music Monday: Last Monday of 2014

    • He’s Korean (kind of reminds me of Bii), but grew up in China so he’s practically fluent in Chinese. He first became famous-ish in 2009 when he entered one of those reality television singing contests.

      He’s not suuuper famous, I don’t think, but he was just sort of unlucky. A couple years earlier, and he could have been bigger on Super Boy. A couple years later, and he could have been even bigger on The Voice. Oh wells~

      • Ooh. It must have been hard if he had to go back to Korea for military service, then, since…he’s basically Chinese.
        Speaking of Bii, I was only recently made aware of the fact that he didn’t speak Chinese prior to moving to Taiwan–how is he so fluent now?? (I’m thinking about Xiao Wu from Top Combine in comparison.)

        • Bii’s pretty much the same as Wang Leehom, I guess. He didn’t start learning Chinese until he was 18, either, but now they’re both writing songs in Mandarin. But I suspect the idea that they didn’t have any knowledge of Chinese at all is probably stretching the truth a bit, regardless.
          And there are different levels of immersion. Bii worked (illegally, technically) in China as a waiter, so he did a lot more mingling with the general public, which is really different to just taking lessons.

    • Jin Hanyi is a Korean-Chinese singer. He grew up in China, speaks fluent Chinese and Korean. He first appeared a few years ago on a singing competition. He does composite and write lyrics in Chinese, I don’t know what he’s been doing since that competition. But you can check out his YinYueTai channel for his old stuff.

      • Ooh, thanks for the tip! I wonder if being Korean-Chinese feels like being diasporic Asian in a Western country in terms of identity and such.

  1. I really like the song with Li Sheng! Wanted to do a post on it but been lazy … I’m sad her debut album didn’t do that well because her voice is really cute, as are the songs.

    Did Li Wei sign a Taiwanese company? Why are all the captions in traditional?

    • I think he’s signed to Song Music as a record label, because Sony doesn’t have a branch in China so traditional I guess. It’s odd, because he never promotes in Taiwan. And maybe this is why you don’t see much of him in Chinese shows either.

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