Hawick Lau, Wang Likun, and a lot of flowers in new drama


When they said A Flower with Two Lives, they didn’t mean A Pile of Flowers Who Are Now Dead…

Missing out on your favorite amnesia drama recently? No worries! The adaptation of Tang Qi Gong Zi’s 岁月是朵两生花 (literally Time is a Flower that Lives Twice), Twice Blooms the Flower 两生花 features both main characters losing their memories.

Wang Likun plays a seriously confused girl who gets pregnant and then loses her memories. Adopted by a passerby who raised her as her own, the young girl lived her life without knowing who she is or who the father of the child is. Then one day out of nowhere came two guys (Hawick Lau, Huo Zhengyan) claiming the child as their own. Man, if only DNA tests existed …

Is it just me or does this photo look just like Hawick Lau?

5 thoughts on “Hawick Lau, Wang Likun, and a lot of flowers in new drama

  1. 1. DNA test that shizz
    2. I want whatever Hawick Lau is having. He actually legitimately looks young to me… how does he do it? I’m guessing everyone does botox and fillers, so what’s his secret?!

  2. After watching the trailer I feel like they changed the plot a lot. The original plot was kinda confusing but this one has just lost me. Ps. THE KID IS ADORABLE!!!

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