The Empress of China breaks records via premier


The Empress of China really does rule. Not only did it take over the top spot on Chinese TV in one day after a low season for Chinese dramas, but the premier broke records for highest opening day rating, and the most viewed drama per day online.

I don’t think you’ll see so many pretty outfits in one drama (the background dancers changed outfits three times in one episode) .  The dialogue between the females start off a bit weak, but the plot picks up quickly and does a good job of highlighting what makes a series about Wu Zetian unique –  one that entangles both court and harem intrigue.    The music is beautiful, and the set is amazing.  Also, baby Li Zhi has the cutest dimples ever and I totally ship him and Ruyi in a non-creepy way.

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

Here’s the ending MV for the theme by Jane Zhang:

image credit: yojyo

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