Jane Zhang, Anson Hu join I am a Singer 3

Yes, that is an article in the title.  It is no longer "I am Singer"!

Yes, that is an article in the title. I am no longer Singer, but a Singer!!

I am a Singer 3 has revealed its initial cast of singers – Jane Zhang, Anson Hu, A-lin, Kit Chan, Sun Nan, Leo Ku, and Han Hong. I’m upset they still haven’t invited Tan Weiwei, but Anson was a pleasant surprise since he’s been on a number of other similar shows. The show begins airing next Sunday. Who are you rooting for?

On a completely unrelated note, here’s Jane Zhang and Zhang Jie’s cover of Yang Mi’s The Palace theme, as if the two of them haven’t taken over every theme song since then.

7 thoughts on “Jane Zhang, Anson Hu join I am a Singer 3

  1. It’s so true that the Zhangs have become the go-to for theme songs, though! (+Della Ding)

    I think the winner’s going to be Han Hong…it’s been a while since I’ve been into Anson Hu’s songs, but it’ll be great to hear his rendition of some songs~

    • I listened to a couple of his performances at the thing with Sun Nan, and was in general a bit disappointed. I feel like the training in the U.S. has made him use way too much technique, and he ends up sounding more forced than pleasant. On the other hand, his old performances are still really pretty!

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