Yang Rong, Jin Shijia finally together for brainwashing new MV

Yang Rong in her first(?) MV in a brainwashing song, “Your humble mistress can’t do it 臣妾做不到”, for her cute role with Jin Shijia in Cosmetology High.  You can tell they probably just did with a budget of 100 RMB for fun, but I kind of like it. I think we would all be happier if Yu Zheng stuck with goofy comedies like this.

10 thoughts on “Yang Rong, Jin Shijia finally together for brainwashing new MV

  1. This was such a cute drama <3 It was by Yu Zheng, but I never felt like strangling the leads. Probably my favorite Yang Rong role so far! I watched San Sheng Ding Qing in two days (ha…), but her character wasn't particularly endearing there. Would love to get a sequel for Cosmetology High though! (Cosmetology College? :P)

  2. I really really enjoyed Cosmetology High and the He Lanjun / Su Lianyu combo. Cant remember the last time I was literally “chasing episodes”! And i actually rewatch some of their snippets. Surprisingly funny, well-paced and excellent interpretations if beauty, love and relationships. Hope there is a sequel!

  3. Haha, it’s soo silly but cute at the same time. It’s a simple instrument that complements the series very well. Effortless dynamic from the pair of them in the series. Fast-paced, funny, and easy on the eyes entertainment right there for ya ;)

  4. lol, The series ended today. OMG Did I not expect that strange modern twist… Like wtf. Anyway, in general it was a pleasure to follow the drama every week. #noregrets :)

    • Just watched it. Did not expect the twist… It’s funny because all throughout the series, people were joking he must’ve timetravelled, especially when he was humming the Doraemon theme but didn’t know where he got it from. Also the opening was actually a clue! I hope it means there’s a second season where they timetravel to a different time era.

      • Yop. The drama had a lot of references to modern times (especially that idea of having superior knowledge when it comes to… plastic surgery xD). However, I feel like this new aspect was explained wayyy too fast (prob didn’t even last 5 minutes…) : I wanted more! I doubt there would be a second season… :( My hypothesis as why the twist was so short and on the last episode is they may be scared of SARFT and their law against time traveling? I am only guessing v_v

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